Secret of the Pyramid Revealed

by | Conscious Living, Summer 2022

“In the beginning was the Word…”

No matter whom you ask, you’ll get a different answer or theory to the origin and construction of the world’s most enigmatic buildings. Egyptologists will tell you it’s a settled matter, however the pyramids and their construction have marvelled the world and sparked a genuine sense of mystery and intrigue for centuries. The curiosity has continued to push further and further into the past to discover the truth about our very origin and the beginning of time.

The great pyramids at Giza are considered by many to be built between 3000-2500 BC and typically considered to be a construction of the pharaohs Khufu, Kafre and Menkaure. We have looked over every inch of these structures inside and out, whether it’s via lidar, sonar, ground penetrating radar, excavation etc and the sole piece of evidence provided to ascertain this conclusion is a single (debatably authentic) cartouche in an interior chamber in ochre paint.

The only other artifact attributed to Khufu is a four-inch figurine (not found in the pyramid).

Now on the topic of signatures, most would say they are unaware that the great pyramid is eight sided. It was discovered quite by accident in 1940, when a British Air Force pilot, P. Groves, was flying over the pyramid. He happened to notice the concavity and captured it in the now-famous photograph. From a birds-eye view during the equinox and solstices, it can be noticed the pyramid has eight divisions.

“From the perspective of the sky the great pyramid of Egypt is a word, and that word was God.”

This eight-sided logogram is actually legible and can be deciphered as An or Anu, who was the sky god and father of the Annunaki.

In Sumerian cuneiform this ideogram was the word An (‘sky’ or ‘heaven’); its use was then extended to a logogram for the word diĝir ‘god’ and the supreme deity of the Sumerian pantheon (‘An’ or ‘Anu’). It is also chronologically correct as the time period would indicate an approximation of awareness of this symbol’s prior use.

This is further corroborated in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Written on the wall of a later king’s pyramid (Pepi II from 6th dynasty), we find:

“O Great Company of the gods who dwell in Annu (Heliopolis), grant that Pepe Nefer-ka-Ra may flourish (literally ‘germinate’), and that his pyramid, his everlasting building, may flourish, even as the name of Temu [ATUM], the chief of the nine gods, doth flourish.

“If the name of Shu, the lord of the upper shrine in Annu, flourisheth, then Pepi shall flourish, and his pyramid, his everlasting building, shall flourish! If the name of Tefnut, the lady of the lower shrine in Annu, flourisheth, the name of Pepi shall be established, and this pyramid shall be established to all eternity! If the name of Seb [GEB] flourisheth at the “homage of the earth”, then the name  of Pepi shall flourish, and this his pyramid shall flourish, and this his building shall  flourish unto all eternity!” [1]If the name of Nut in the House of Shenth in Annu flourisheth, the name of Pepi shall flourish, and this his pyramid shall flourish, and this his building shall flourish unto all eternity!” 1

The Anunnaki were believed to be the offspring of An and his consort, the earth-goddess Ki. They are a bridge from the heavens to earth. This theory is actually pervading in ‘academic’ Egyptology; it is just postulated that the pharaohs built them as a resting place for themselves which certainly is possible, but there’s never been any sufficient evidence of a pharaoh buried in a pyramid. We know where the pharaohs were buried and that is in the Valley of the Kings.

The collective name of the Irish gods is Tuatha Dé Danann ‘Tribe of he Gods of Danu’. In ancient Irish history, Anu (sometimes given as Anann or Anand) is a god or goddess and an alternative name for Danu or D’anu.

Built 5200 years ago, at least 600 years prior to the pyramids of Egypt and during the Neolithic period, is Newgrange, an Irish sacred site considered to be built by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Newgrange is aligned precisely with the equinox and winter solstice, when a beam of light comes straight through the chamber.

This mystery has captivated our hearts and minds for thousands of years, yet it appears to be hidden in plain sight. Once witnessed from above in the perspective of the stars, the key to the pyramids is unlocked.

“In the beginning there was a word and let us remember that word for it might hold deeper clues to who we are and where we come from.”

1          Source – Egyptian Book of the Dead –

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