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Seek Divine Guidance

by | May 8, 2022 | Digitorials, Winter 2022 | 0 comments

We invite you to visit Earthbody.co and journey through clarity and insight to assist you with your current challenges and problems.

Emigrating or relocating? Are you making the right move?
A location-specific reading under the ‘Everyday’ section is what you are needing. You can answer your uncertainty with clarity specific to you and your location. Multiple options to purchase such as My Location’s Influence on: Personal Life; Career; Business; Health; Marriage and more.

Financial worries? Unsure of your wealth destiny? Experiencing money problems?
If you want to understand your wealth blueprint and how this uncovers your patterns regarding wealth, then purchase the ‘Lifetime’ reading titled My Life Blueprint: Wealth. This is recommended if you would like to understand what you value most, how you are influenced, the support available to you and your strengths. Alternatively the ‘Everyday’ reading, My Location’s Influence: Wealth, helps you understand the nature of locational influences on your wealth, how you’re supported and may benefit from these dynamics.

Feeling lost? Needing direction? Not sure where you are on your life journey?
An ‘Annual’ My Inner Hero (ine): Heracles’ Wisdom reading will help you answer that “where am I at currently?” question. The hero’s journey is an ancient one. Those who have walked the path before you can teach you a few things. Heracles, through his 12 labours, offers you some valuable insights and inspiration to reflect upon, as you review your own journey.

Themes of our lives overlay our day-to-day living and our subconscious expression in more reflective ways than we consciously give thought to. Earthbody allows us the opportunity to zoom into and zoom out of our lives and their old and faulty belief systems so that we may get a new perspective and then create any change we desire through our shift in perception.

Your body is reflected in the Earth’s grid. When you locate yourself within the grid and in which organ of the body you reside/work in, then you can understand yourself differently so as to best navigate your way through current happenings in your life.

Once you have your reading(s), Colette is available to assist with further intuitive interpretation of reading results if required.

Heal Mother Earth with the Crystal Map
Bring additional awareness and healing to Mother Earth’s body and your own by placing e-crystals on the Crystal Map available on the website. When we function with absolute clarity and consciousness, with belief systems that respect and intend for the highest good of all Earth life, we are able to manifest fast, effective and lasting prosperity. What we do to ourselves we do to the Earth, which means we have to be responsible.

We invite you to enjoy videos about Mother Earth’s chakras and our corresponding chakras on our website, where you will also find an abundance of articles as well as information about the Sapphire and Crystal Tablets that assist in our healing and a conscious ascension process.

To KNOW THYSELF and thereby help oneself navigate the life changes and challenging situations you are faced with becomes an intriguing inner understanding, with a healthy splash of fresh perspective so that you can bring about thriving within and in your Earthbody location.

Visit www.earthbody.co, register and purchase your chosen reading modules NOW.
For more information: www.earthbody.co email [email protected] call +27 82 354 8873