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Self Discovery through Earth Discovery

by | Digitorials, Print Articles, Summer 2021

We hear the questions you’re asking yourself. We understand in this current climate of change in our world it’s hard to know what changes to make for yourself to improve your perception and experience of your life right now. Earthbody is able to give you specific answers to many areas of your life, be it wealth, relationships, location, career, health and more.  How do we answer these questions so as to improve your perception of your world and therefore make choices that are beneficial to your present and future?


Earthbody is a website that uses your location and your birth information to provide you with a novel way of looking at yourself in relation to the world through these readings. These individualised readings help you to see aspects of your life that you were previously unaware of.  Once you are made aware of thoughts, attitudes and perceptions you hadn’t realised you have, you can make informed decisions and choices with the help of the ground support given by the Earth’s “human grid”. You can create a different reality for yourself.

Q. Relocating? Are you making the right move?

A. Purchase an Everyday reading. For instance, “My Location’s Influence: Business” or “My Location’s Influence: Personal Life”

These modules help you realise the locational advantage in business and your personal life respectively. A perfect location is essential to success in any operation. Some areas are better for certain ventures than others. This is called ‘ground support’ in the Earthbody system. A business that is aligned with matching ground support, has an upper hand. Also knowing how your location’s energies influence your personal life is recommended if you wish to understand how your life experiences are influenced by a particular location. This is a good study for helping you find a location that will support and develop a specific area of your life.

Q. Financial worries? Unsure of your wealth destiny? Money problems?

A. Purchase the “My Life Blueprint: Wealth” reading as this study describes who you are and identifies inherent attributes that shape your wealth. This reading is recommended if you would like to understand what you value most, how you are influenced, the support available to you and your strengths in the area of your life relating to financial wealth.

Q. Not sure where you are on your life journey?

A. Purchase “My Inner Hero (ine): Where I am. Where I’m going” to locate you within the grand cycle of your hero’s journey. It describes the influences and purpose of your current experiences. It’s particularly useful if you’re stuck and need direction. It helps you understand recurring patterns, the point of certain events in your past for which you may not have had sufficient insight before, and what to expect on the next round of the same cycle.

Q. Do you want insight into what your ‘new normal’ can be!

A. Purchase the “My Destiny: Strengths” reading to give you understanding into what makes you special, your positive attributes, your abilities, talents and strengths. This study is recommended if you need to remind yourself that your life is a gift and you have more going for you than you think.


A thought! An Earthbody reading is a fantastic gift for that person who is ‘so hard to buy for’.

To get personalised answers to the questions that you’re asking yourself, visit www.earthbody.co to register and purchase your chosen reading modules. It is exactly what you need right now. For assistance with reading how-to and reading interpretation and application, contact Colette, [email protected] or call +27 82 354 8873