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Ever thought about how you feel fabulous in certain locations but in other places you experience discomfort, unease or even illness?

There is much evidence to support the connectivity between what we believe or perceive about ourselves and how this is communicated to us by our physical body. Once we comprehend and accept that we are an intimate part of all life, we are able to see that there is nothing wrong with our world – that it is simply our perception of it that is flawed. Our debilitated perceptions are the result of our belief systems. It’s when we are willing to remove our rose-tinted glasses and earnestly examine our belief systems, that we are able to change them. In so doing, we change the way in which we see things. When we see differently, we respond differently. Then we have changed and in so doing, we have changed our reality and hence our world. 

How do we make these shifts in our individual perception and beliefs? Welcome EARTHBODY!

Earthbody readings use your location and your birth information to provide you with a novel way of looking at yourself in relation to the world. These individualised, automated readings guide you to see aspects of your life that you were previously unaware of. Once you are made aware of thoughts, attitudes and perceptions you hadn’t realised you have, you can consciously rework the dysfunctional beliefs and create a different reality for yourself.  Earthbody is self-discovery through earth discovery – the Earth’s body is seen to be a reflection of the human body and vice versa.

Mother Earth has a ‘Human Grid’ that can show us which particular organ or body part we reside, work or play in. When we know the system of the body that we are receiving ground support from, we then recognise the responsibility we have in becoming healthier in our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. 

 “Things don’t change. You change your way of looking, that’s all.” Carlos Castaneda (1925 – 1998), Peruvian-born American author

The Earthbody readings are divided into three parts:  Everyday, annual and lifetime.

The Everyday and Lifetime readings cover a multitude of themes such as your location’s influence on career; home; partnerships; wealth; health; family; subconscious; friends; business, etc.; along with Destiny readings such as guardian angel; purpose; potential; strengths and wealth.

The Annual readings, ‘Heracles Wisdom’, ‘Dorothy’s Wisdom’ and ‘Where I Am Where I Am Going’ are beneficial to understand where you currently are in your life’s journey.

There are FREE readings where you ‘draw’ a card and see the Earthlife Reflections available to you. These offer a quick look at your vitality (A Moment In Time); the wars you fight within (As Within So Without); your current emotional, feeling state and creativity (In Search of Creative Potential) and lastly a reflection of how you treat your own inner woman (Wonder Woman Wonder World).  By placing e-crystals on the Crystal Map (available on the Earthbody website) you can bring additional awareness and healing to Mother Earth’s body. Enjoy videos about the Chakras along with an abundance of information pertaining to the Sapphire and Crystal Tablets that also assist in our healing and conscious ascension process.

To KNOW THYSELF becomes an intriguing inner delving, with a healthy splash of fresh light so that you can bring awareness and shifts to your current health and outlook on life.

Visit www.earthbody.co to register and purchase your chosen readings NOW. For more information visit the Earthbody website at http://www.earthbody.co/ or email [email protected] or call +27 82 354 8873.