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Shrouds, Salamanders and the Etheric Blueprint

by | May 11, 2022 | Thought Leaders, Winter 2022 | 0 comments

The intention for this issue of Wavelength, is to explore the possibility that our physical body is modelled on an etheric blueprint arising from the electromagnetic frequencies, generated by our spiritual selves.

In reporting on Jenny Davis’s Near Death Experience (NDE) in the previous Wavelength and having succeeded in ‘inducing’ an out-of-body-experience during which a little dog barked at me, while I was above an open field, despite no visible sensory evidence of my presence (Wavelength Spring 2020 issue) it occurred to me that during an NDE or an OBE our presence could be captured photographically in a similar way to that of the energy bodies photographed when using a Kirlian camera.

I distinctly remembered seeing a photograph, in the ’70s of a cut leaf with the energy section clearly visible. There was some controversy about the authenticity of the photographs because not everyone was able to produce the same results.

Recently, I hypothesised that the visible electro-magnetic field of the etheric body (aura) captured by the Kirlian camera could well be the electro-magnetic blueprint bridging the physical body to the emotional, mental and spiritual body.

With my blueprint hypothesis fresh in mind and ready to track down the information given in the well-remembered article of yesteryear, I thought I was about to experience a synchronistic encounter when one of the guests, an international healer at a small dinner party given by my son, on hearing me express interest in Kirlian photography, said that over the past 40 years Russian scientists had developed an advanced technique known as Gas Dispersion Visualisation (GDV) and that she had used GDV during her healing workshops to photograph the auras of clients before and after treatment. She said that I was welcome to use the photographs and sent two portraits.

My excitement was short-lived when I learned that the GDV portraits had been taken 15 years ago during a workshop in Europe.

Nevertheless, intrigued, I looked up Gas Dispersion Visualisation for the latest information and found that it was unlikely to support my hypothesis.

After looking for the original articles to no avail, I resorted to searching the Internet. After several days, I eventually found two scientific journals, with strong references to Kirlian photography, which I wish to share with interested readers.

In particular, one research paper, The Phantom Leaf Effect and Its Implications for Near-Death and Out of-Body Experiences by James Pace, R.N., D.S.N. M.Div, and Deborah L. Drumm. R.N. from Vanderbilt University, relates directly to what I was looking for. Although published 30 years ago, the following excerpt from the paper’s abstract could well relate to current research: “The phantom leaf effect seen in Kirlian photography may help researchers better understand near-death and out-of-body experiences. While the process responsible for the phantom leaf effect is unknown, variations of Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field theory offer three explanations for this phenomenon. Each of these variations has different implications for near-death and out-of-body experiences.”

The second paper, by Eric Leskowitz M.D – Phantom Limb Pain: Subtle Energy Perspectives, includes research relating to the anatomy of physical structures used in the practice of energy medicine with reference to the use of Kirlian photography in order to detect possible electromagnetic correlates of life energy. These include the energy centres of the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. His hypothesis complements my theory that the aura could be the primary source for our physical structure – a ‘developmental blueprint’.

Having read the information released in each of these research papers, I rest my layman’s case!

Clearly neuroscientists and parapsychologists are involved in research along similar lines and in both papers Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field theory is referred to with high regard and might well be relevant to our understanding of life and the moment of death.

Dr Leskowitz also points out an intriguing fact in that the concept of an electromagnetic blueprint is grounded in the scientific literature on limb regeneration in salamanders and other species.

With this in mind, one might logically postulate that if, as in the case of the salamander, the electromagnetic blueprint remains intact, then under certain conditions the physical structure would be able to ‘reincarnate’. This after all is what happens when those who experience NDEs return to the physical structure! So what is ‘death’? Most of us, regardless of our faith, believe in some sort of afterlife. Unlike the experience of an NDE, we are not resuscitated and our spiritual selves leave the physical body permanently.

While listening to Handel’s Messiah on Easter Sunday, it occurred to me that because the Shroud of Turin is a photographic image caused by a surge of electromagnetic energy, leaving a photographic image of his Jesus’s wounded physical body on the shroud, the energy must have come from Jesus himself.

Besides the controversy over the Kirlian photographic images, there is also an ongoing desperate attempt by sceptics to prove that the image found on the Shroud of Turin is either a fake, or of someone who lived long after the time of Jesus.

It is very clear to me from all the factual evidence right up to last series of laboratory tests, that the shroud is genuine. The following facts are indisputable. The shroud is made of woven flax, the fibres of which are traceable to the Eastern Mediterranean or the Middle East. The stitching is identical to an artifact found at Masada in Israel, dated between 40 BC and AD 73. According to the geneticist, Gerard Verschuuren, his research team has found computer-driven ways of examining and extracting evidence from the shroud. The evidence, tends to confirm the Biblical and historical analysis. “The shroud is most effectively viewed and studied as a negative image of the body, using high-definition computer-aided photography and aerospace technologies for developing 3D images.”

Shortly after the release of the Jesus Christ Super Star album by Andrew Lloyd Weber, with lyrics by Tim Rice, I was sitting in St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, when unexpectedly I heard the words “Heal Thy Selves” ring out loudly and clearly. I believe Tim Rice was right. Jesus taught us through example parables how to heal ourselves and care for others… The teaching is very clear: ‘Judge not that you be not judged’, ‘love one another as I have loved you’, ‘turn the other cheek’ and, as quoted in Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, in which he highlights Jesus’s response to the lady who touched the hem of his garment, “Woman, thy Faith hath made thee whole.” Blessings and take care.

Bon Voyage,

Jill Iggulden-Stevens

Jill Iggulden-Stevens

Odyssey‘s Founding Editor

“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it serves me well – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nevertheless, following one’s dreams certainly has its ups and downs, be it during ‘nine’ lives or several. On the Up Side, experience is a wise teacher and, when tuning in to our lessons, we can share with each other, bringing comfort and joy – while still around.”