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Seven ways you can make meditation a part of your life no matter how, hectic or frenetic it gets.

Most of us live a very busy and full life. With everyone and everything demanding a piece of our time, it is no wonder we procrastinate when it comes to meditation. When we think of meditation, we think of a person sitting down to practice, with legs crossed, spine erect, and hands held in a prayer-like or meditative pose. Yes, this is just one aspect of meditation; meditation comes in many forms and can be done anywhere.

Keep it short – Most people think they have to meditate for a long time to get the full benefits. Not so! It is better to meditate, go within, for a short amount of time and to be completely focused than to spend 30 minutes attempting a distracted meditation.

Keep it simple – By keeping it simple, using the body, breath and mind awareness coupled with everyday activities; you can get into a state of centered peace on a very busy or potentially stressful day.

Meditate in the morning – Meditating in the morning is most effective as the demands of the day have not yet started yet. The only investment needed is time, set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier. Make mediation part of your routine just like brushing your teeth.

Make it a priority – Perhaps the reason why you have been less than consistent with your meditation practice is because you have given it less value than other activities you do during the day. How we spend our time is a reflection of what is important in our life.

Be mindful – Mindfulness is a form of meditation that does not require you to formally sit down and be still. Mindfulness can be done anytime and anywhere. It requires you pay attention to the present moment.

 Practice breathing – By being conscious of your breath, monitoring and focusing on your breathing, what you will notice is that you will be far calmer and more centered if you monitor your breathing noticing every inhale and every exhale.

Use a mantra Mantras are a powerful word or set of words that you repeat aloud or silently. A good mantra to use is ‘So Hum’ translated as ‘I AM’; repeating a mantra during your day you will feel relaxed and happy.