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Horoscopes May- August 2021

Aries and Aries Rising21 March – 20 April

May is not your month, Aries. Your ruler, Mars, is sulking in Cancer, a sign that this planet feels helpless and emotional in. At the beginning of June, Mars and Pluto have a face off across your home and career zones, which can instigate a power struggle of sorts – even a toxic situation. However, once compromise is reached and something is released, there are sunny skies ahead as Mars enters fiery Leo, into your creative and romance area. These next few weeks offer some respite, Aries, until Mars faces off with Saturn very briefly, asking you to find some sort of discipline and restraint, to structure these topics. The eclipse season will affect your travel and education zones, so expect some shifts in beliefs, or changes when it comes to any of these topics in your life.

Taurus and Taurus Rising21 April – 21 May

You’re currently dealing with some major personal and career changes, Taurus. Unexpected, sudden changes, that are really out of your control. As a sign that likes stability, this can feel a little distressing for you, Taurus, but it’s something you just need to get used to over the next year or so. This is especially true over June, when the second Saturn-Uranus square hits. Maybe it’s time for you to embrace the freedom that you seem separately to need in your life now, even though you might be in denial about it. Take heart, Taurus. There are two full moons in your professional zone over July and August which brings you the climaxes you need and a result to all of your hard work.

Gemini and Gemini Rising22 May – 21 June

These next few months are really big for you, Gemini. Everything is happening in your sign, especially over the month of May, when your ruler, Mercury, Venus and the sun enter your sign. Yes, this is the start of your birth month, which is always a new beginning for you. But there is more to it. For one thing, Mercury is going retrograde in your sign until June, which will bring quite a bit of back and forth when it comes to your decisions and mindset. Plus, Mercury squares irrational Neptune three times all the way through until July, which can bring deceit and poor choices into your life. Check your facts ever so carefully, Gemini, and be on the lookout for falsehoods. The eclipses in May and June will also impact you and you relationships hugely, moving things forward, fast!

Cancer and Cancer Rising22 June – 22 July

Mars is in your sign for all of May and some of June, Cancer. This will give you a huge boost of energy and the will to accomplish solo projects. However, it could also make you rather cranky, deceitful and even aggressive. When Mars and Pluto meet in an opposition over June, just beware these feelings aren’t taken out onto your relationship, Cancer. There could be a power struggle over this time and what you’ll need to do is purge toxicity from your life and relationships, yet also look and see how you are contributing to this atmosphere. The eclipses highlight your health areas, so this will be a time when lifestyle and diet need to be changed or looked into – and the same goes for work.

Leo and Leo Rising23 July – 22 August

Mars enters your sign in June, Leo – lucky you! This takes all that pent-up energy and brings it to the fore, lending you immense energy and drive to get all the things done! You’re going to be feeling extremely energetic and creative and, until July, eager to get physical in so many ways. There will be some hairy moments as Mars and Saturn meet in an opposition over June and you could find that someone in your life is imposing restrictions on you, which feels very frustrating and tense. However, they’re there for a reason – to help you find discipline. July brings sudden change, instigated by you and channelled into your career. You are very tempted to take a major risk, Leo! The two full moons in Aquarius will also bring certain relationship matters to a head.

Virgo and Virgo Rising23 August – 23 September

There’s a ton of action in your career over the month of May, Virgo, as everything shifts into your career area. You’re being seen and your relationships help you to climb to the top. However, there’s a hitch – your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde until June, which can muddy your mind, especially when it comes to relationships. Be on the lookout for people not telling you the full truth, both in love and in your professional life. This really is the month to avoid major decisions if you can, Virgo. You just don’t have all the facts. The eclipses could bring some life-changing events in your career and home environment – it’s like the universe so pressing the accelerator! As Mars comes into your sign at the end of July, you’re ready to take action.

Libra and Libra Rising24 September – 23 October

Relationships are getting serious, Libra. Saturn is sitting in your relationships zone for quite some time and he’s being faced with some tests and challenges over the next few months. Firstly, there’s the Saturn-Uranus square that happens in June, which focuses on love and money. Very tricky, Libra. Sudden changes happen in your relationships due to financial tangles and you just have to keep up with the shifts. You may also be looking at trying to find some sort of balance between your social life and your love life, which could feel tense at times. The two full moons in Aquarius will help you find some sort of solution or climax in your relationship that’s been building for the last six months or so.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising24 October – 22 November

June brings some tension into your world, Scorpio – what are you not saying? A power battle ensues, and it’s not comfortable for anyone, least of all you. You might even feel as though the power is taken from you, which is never a good idea for a Scorpio! Say your piece – clearly – without being passive-aggressive. And try to find a compromise. Finances take a major turn for you with the eclipses in these areas of your life, yet, Scorpio, be very careful of the choice you make, financially. There could be loss there if you don’t have your boundaries strong and intact. Jupiter shifts into Pisces and into your romance zone, which may be the reason for your muddled-ness. However, this does bring enormous creativity and a strong dose of starry-eyed romance!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising23 November – 21 December

Sagittarius, these next few months are major for you. the eclipses are happening in your sign, which highlights you and your life as an individual, as well as your relationships. Some of you may even find very important new beginnings when it comes to love and some may need to release a relationship entirely. Either way, it is a big deal. There’s some confusion around home topics between you and your partner. Good communication is key, even if Mercury is retrograde for a while. Try and be as open as you can. As Jupiter shifts into this area of your chart, some of you may be making a great new move and seeing some improvement in domestic matters. You’re either finding a new home, or expanding your current one.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising22 December – 20 January

The major cosmic configuration that you need to watch for, Capricorn, is the Saturn-Uranus square. This next few months see the second one in a series of three, which feels very disruptive. Mainly, it’s focused on your finances and relationships. It could feel as if any creative endeavours don’t really bring much stability, or that your romantic relationship somehow interferes with the flow of material security. It’s uncomfortable but not unbearable, Capricorn. Perhaps this is here to give you a lesson in letting go and trusting. The beginning of May sees a toxic dynamic arise between you and a partner, so it’s important to find some sort of middle ground and to make sure that manipulation isn’t a tool for gaining the upper hand.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising21 January – 19 February

This is just such a big year for you, Aquarius! There’s so much going on in your sign, not least of all Saturn travelling here for quite a while. The Saturn-Uranus square is one that highlights changes in your domestic life, which seems to shake up that sense of security in your life, as well as your self-image, or even your health. However, this energy is here to set you free from your own restraints, Aquarius. Try and see that. You can break the rules and still keep some that serve you. The two full moons in your sign indicate a ripening of events begun in February, especially when to comes to your personal path – and your relationships. Mars does enter your relationship zone in June until July, which can bring some tension to your relationships, but plenty of passion, too.

Pisces and Pisces Rising20 February – 20 March

Pisces, you have the wonderful, special gift of Jupiter visiting your sign, albeit briefly, from May until July. This offers a glimpse into the future you are about to have, by expanding your world and offering you some magical opportunities for growth and self-development. There’s spiritual growth too and this sense that anything can happen. The new moon in Cancer over July also offers a sweet new beginning when it comes to your passions and possibly your love life, too. Even babies, if that’s what you want! Your modern ruler, Neptune, does go retrograde in June for some months, so this can bring some delays and confusion, but as long as you use that remarkable intuition of yours, you’ll be doing just fine!

Margarita Celeste

Astrology has been my passion ever since I can remember . When I think back to my younger years, I recall always knowing people’s Star sign, sometimes remembering that before I could think of their name! Linda Goodman, famous 60’s astrology write, was my “gateway drug” into this mysterious and ever fascinating world, and I pored over her magical words, feeling a deep resonation in what seemed to be able to explain myself to me . https://margaritaceleste.com/