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Take your relationship to new heights with Tantra

by | Print Articles, Relationships, Spring 2023

In the fast-paced modern world, establishing deep and meaningful connections in our relationships can often feel like a challenge. Fortunately, Tantra provides a path towards enriching intimacy, emotional bonding and sensuality. When it comes to relationships, the pursuit of lasting connections, passionate sparks and profound intimacy is an ongoing journey. Contrary to popular belief, Tantra is not just about physical pleasure. It is a holistic practice that embraces the mind, body and spirit. By incorporating tantric principles into our lives, we can embark on a journey that transforms our relationships into profound and fulfilling experiences. This article aims to explore practical tips on how to apply Tantra to your life and elevate your relationships to extraordinary levels.

The word Tantra stirs many implications for a lot of us. However, in its simplest form, Tantra is a multi-dimensional tool for transformation. It is expansive, complex and can be applied in everyday life. Tantra invites you to view your partnership as a sacred union, fostering a deeper sense of reverence and respect. By approaching your union from a sacred perspective, you cultivate a space for authentic connection, spiritual growth and profound love.

In Tantra, emotional intimacy plays a pivotal role. By practising open communication, active listening and vulnerability, you create a foundation of trust and understanding within your relationship. Tantra encourages you to explore your emotions together, allowing each partner to be seen, heard and supported without judgment. This depth of emotional connection leads to a greater understanding of each other’s desires, needs and aspirations. So how can we take these principles and apply them to our own life?

The first step in embodying the Tantric lifestyle is to foster a soulful embrace within your relationship; typically we don’t hug each other for long enough and this can lead to a lack of intimacy or feelings of distance. The first step involves creating a safe and nurturing space where both partners feel comfortable expressing their deepest emotions and desires. To achieve this, consider the following practices:

Open communication: Engage in honest and compassionate conversations about your desires, needs and boundaries. Active listening and non-judgmental responses foster a deeper understanding and connection.

Sacred rituals: Create sacred rituals together, such as lighting candles, playing soft music, or setting intentions before intimate moments. These rituals help create a sense of reverence and set the stage for a deeper connection.

Mindful presence: Practise being fully present with your partner during intimate moments. Let go of distractions and engage all your senses to enhance the depth of connection and intimacy.

To begin the Tantric embrace join your partner in a moment of silence and hug each other firmly and deliberately, be conscious and sincere. Whilst keeping your eyes closed, think about all of the things that make you appreciate and love your partner. Relax in each other’s presence and tune in to how safe you feel; once five minutes have passed, gradually disengage and look into each other’s eyes. The immediate connection emerging will be more powerful than anything you have ever experienced.

Another way you can utilise Tantra to strengthen your relationships is by expanding your sensuality and incorporating the act of breast and/or testicle massage. It involves awakening and channelling the energy of the body to deepen the connection between partners. Breast and testicle massages are intimate practices that can enhance pleasure and intimacy. However, it’s important to approach these practices with respect, consent and clear communication. Here are some guidelines:

Consent and comfort: Ensure that both partners are comfortable and enthusiastic about exploring these practices. Communication and consent are paramount to establishing trust and mutual understanding.

Relaxation and trust: Create a calm and relaxing environment before engaging in breast or testicle massages. This will help both partners feel at ease and open to the experience.

Technique and exploration: Take the time to learn about the techniques and variations of breast and testicle massages. Experiment together, exploring what feels pleasurable and enjoyable for both partners.

Mutual learning: Engage in open and ongoing conversations about desires, boundaries and preferences. Remember that everyone’s experience and comfort levels are unique and it’s crucial to respect each other’s boundaries.

A final tip to mastering Tantra is synchronisation. It involves aligning and harmonising the energies of both partners. By synchronising tantrically, you can deepen your connection and create a profound sense of union. Here are some practices to consider:

Breathwork: Practise synchronised breathing exercises to align your energy and enhance intimacy. Breathe together deeply and slowly, feeling the energy flow between you.

Eye gazing: Sit facing each other and maintain eye contact for an extended period. This practice helps create a deep sense of connection and vulnerability.

Tantra Yoga: Engage in couples’ Yoga or Tantra-inspired Yoga poses to synchronise your physical and energetic bodies. This practice enhances the flow of energy and fosters intimacy.

Meditation and visualisation: Practise guided meditations or visualisations together, focusing on love, connection and shared intentions. These practices cultivate a deeper understanding of each other’s desires and foster emotional intimacy.

Incorporating Tantra into a relationship is a deeply personal experience that is unique to each couple. What works for one couple may not necessarily work for another, as each partnership has its own dynamics, desires and comfort levels. Tantra is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a journey of self-discovery and exploration that allows couples to find what resonates with them personally.

One of the key aspects of Tantra is the emphasis on open and honest communication. Couples need to have open conversations about their individual desires, boundaries and expectations when it comes to incorporating Tantra into their relationship. What one partner may find pleasurable and transformative, another partner may not be comfortable with or may have different preferences. It is crucial to create a safe space for dialogue and to respect each other’s boundaries and comfort levels.

Furthermore, Tantra is about honouring and embracing the unique qualities and dynamics of each relationship. Every couple has its own rhythm, chemistry and way of connecting. Tantra encourages couples to explore and discover what brings them closer together, what enhances their intimacy and what deepens their emotional connection. This may involve experimenting with different practices, techniques and rituals to find what works best for them.

It is important for couples to approach Tantra with an open mind and a spirit of curiosity. They should be willing to explore new possibilities, but also be mindful of their own comfort zones. Tantra is not about pushing boundaries or conforming to external expectations, but rather about discovering and nurturing the sacred connection between partners in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling to them.

Ultimately, incorporating Tantra into a relationship is a deeply personal journey that requires mutual understanding, consent and respect. Couples should feel empowered to tailor their tantric practices to suit their unique needs, desires and comfort levels. By embracing the individuality of their relationship and honouring their own experiences, couples can embark on a transformative path that deepens their connection, enhances their intimacy and fosters a profound sense of sacredness and love.

By embracing soulful connection, exploring sensuality with consent and communication and synchronising tantrically, you can take your relationships to the next level. It can open up a world of possibilities for deepening emotional intimacy, igniting passion and cultivating a profound sense of sacred connection. Remember, Tantra is not a destination but a continuous evolution of your relationship, with each step fostering greater understanding, joy and fulfilment.

Written by InnerCamp: InnerCamp is a global community of conscious people focused on improving overall wellbeing through the contemporary teachings of breathwork, tantra and bodywork. www.innercamp.com

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When his own life plan started to unravel after years in the corporate world, Alexis discovered the principles of a holistic lifestyle that helped him create a new vision for the life he wanted.

This astounding turnaround fuelled a path of self-discovery and led him into a decade of trainings by top coaches such as Tony Robbins, Wim Hof, Dan Brulé, Swami Vivekanand Saraswati, Shaman Nabeel Redwood, Jon Paul Crimi, Michaël Bijker, Elliott Saxby, Nirmala Taryn Walker and Gema Sanchez-Cabezudo.

His deep connection with somatic therapies, Tantra, energy work, transpersonal psychology and breathwork enriched Alexis’ healing journey. This inspired him to combine these acquired holistic skills and intuitive approach to create his signature method that promotes healing, transformation and the awakening of people’s potential.