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Conversations with Kuthumi and Diana

by | Print Articles, Spiritual Living, Summer 2023

That four-letter word

I AM Diana, Goddess of Light.
Once again you face a time of self-illumination, standing in front of your pillars of self-reflection, recognition and development. Your earth continually faces frequencies of discontent which humanity sows around their lives, importantly at your place of daily experience, or ‘work’.

Perhaps to some a ‘four letter’ word, it is your place of daily experience! The objective when transitioning from your place of living to your place of earning, is to ‘experience’ the energy for what it is, thereby face your pillar of self-recognition at all times.

Some suffer because of personality interests. Because of the total obliviousness of humanity in general evident everywhere, those that ‘lead’ often undergo a ‘personality change’ between that which they leisure and that which they should treasure, their work. Leaders take heed, the subtle frequencies within the celestial waves of thought, are what transform lives! 

Some find that to enable those that are working with them (or ‘under’ them) to fall ‘into place’ they have to go through some sort of ‘walk-in’ change of personality to control their office space. We say, best let everyone stand beside you.

We understand ‘where you are coming from’, but for ‘where you are going to’, that situation must change. Denial is one of the greatest conflicts your planet is currently facing, which has everything to do with value of self-worth. 

Consider that perhaps you are fortunate to be in a situation where you experience new learning and, as you say, ‘put bread on the table’. Don’t let your renumeration create segregation

The new energy brings an awareness that the ‘work’ place you find yourself within as part of your daily experience, needs to be respected, enjoyed and used as a platform for exploration, extending knowledge and, with greater understanding, learning new things. Also, this must be a place that allows you ‘expression’, thus a valuable exchange to sustain everyone in whichever way, thought or form.

If you are self-employed, have your own practice or business, always respect that. Understand that, even though there may be much controversy about working ‘from nine to five’, it is indeed what you make of it. Treat your ‘work’ as another opportunity to express yourself on integrated platforms for you to excel from!

To help diffuse conflict, before arriving at ‘work’ set the intent to create a beautiful energy of light, whatever colour you wish, call it whatever you wish, then send this vibration out to all that participate in your daily experience. Inspire them to appreciate the platform, thus instead of feeling laboured by it, complaining, or ‘negatively’ affected by it in a derogatory or limiting way, understand the experience for what it is and enjoy it no matter what. Those in overseeing positions must hold the essence of harmony, light and peace in their own energy field, for you know, as you sow, so you shall reap!

The ego interferes through competition: ‘Who is the best, nicest, most lethargic, controversial, dedicated, shocking, etc?’ This creates a dense negative echo within the collective!

By creating a better environment through a lighter way of thinking, instead of ‘slogging it out’, manifest a joyful energy. You may say: “Diana you must be crazy if you think I am going to enjoy going to that place every day” and I say: “You should, for you are not doing it for nothing!”

You receive an agreed exchange! Why not extend it to enable you to live the life reflected in your pillars of self-recognition, inner reflection and divinity.

To celebrate a complete transformation on this planet, these issues must be addressed. We are not saying: “Run to your office, burn smellies and light candles.” Rather lighten up that inner spark of self-recognition, share it and show others how to!

Focus on that which is at hand. Don’t let that which is behind you influence what is next to you or ahead of you!

If you ‘hate’ your work place and loathe everyone there, be sensible about it! Why? How many hours of your lifetime do you wallow in that calamity? Is it worth it?

You may see life as ‘years and years’, yet it’s fractional! Find ways to integrate change to uplift that frequency.

Energy influences and reflects energy. You have problems at work, work on it! It’s of utmost importance to focus on joy! If all else fails, at least enjoy a few ‘happy’ hours at your home space!

Leave the slog behind. The new energy is all about seeing everything in a new light and, to enable that, you must manifest this for the self at first.

I am Diana, Adonai.

Kuthumi Speaks

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and I gift unto thee a divine blessing of self-realisation.

A quick interlude from Goddess Diana is always welcome!  The issue at hand of taking the misery out of the many menial moments of your day should be on the top of your list of change!

When exploring different avenues with an inspiring positive frame of mind, the impossible becomes possible, as you ‘allow’ miracles to guide you and other ‘platforms’ present themselves as future pathways to explore. Be open to this, which is why we set the intent for the frequency of synchronicity to bless and infuse every word, spoken or written.

The gift is finally to recognise what it is like to live a beautiful, placid, peaceful life, for what good is life without peace?

Beloveds, you have had hundreds of lifetimes basked in trials and tribulations, filled with thorns, crushed glass, and encased with sharp edges. It is now time to let it go, hence your commitment to your full awakening in this lifetime.

Self-reflection and your higher self
The portal of higher self-reflection is about celebrating your connection with your higher self. When knocking on the door of the innate self, it demands a shift when it comes to your place of daily experience or work, if need be. This avenue within life’s projections is becoming increasingly depressing for many, and must be addressed!

We understand that there are subjective laws, rules, unconscious and subconscious restrictions within many governments, but in time to come, this too will work itself out of set entrapments.

Unfortunately, many feel trapped, finding it difficult to express themselves. Others face loss of hope, faith and feel lost. Some find the trickiness within their daily experience too much to bear. We embrace your essence, please centre yourself and become still.

Be your own portal
I am speaking to you, YOU that person!

Find a quiet place, sit or lie down, gently extend an energy flame from your base chakra to your crown. Allow this sweeping movement to ignite the golden flame in the crown and the magenta flame in the eighth soul chakra. Pause. Set the intent – extend this to open up the higher portals, connect with your Torus, then connect to the grids and merge with the cosmos. Ask your higher self to extend its energy to meld into the flow of your own. 

Here you experience an almost deafening silence, a high-pitched frequency. Listen closely and you will recognise the symphony of celestial peace! KNOW that you have walked and survived this journey plenty times before!

You are doing it yet again!
Bathe in this connection, this essence of your greater power, beloveds. Draw forth inspiration, motivation, and hope, to carry you through the despairing rivers of conflict.  That quietness, that stillness, that inner connection and reflection, that is your innate self.

Understand that, at most times, you have to deal with two of you within one body, your soul and brain. To get them to join in a dance of transformation is what you’re aiming for!

The ego-personality within the brain will always try to convince you otherwise, whereas the soul-spirit aspect within your higher essence knows best. Yet, it too came to practise joy and learn from sadness. Lack sets the tone for an undercurrent of incredible density and overbearing sadness. Fill the void within, enjoy your rewire and set the intent to create a different outlook all around! 

Embrace the truth of your personal trinity; self-reflection, recognition and development. Don’t become confused nor obsessed with labelling anything. Allow the brooms of change to sweep through a new understanding, especially of things which previously interrogated, blocked, controlled and stripped you of your power!

The new you
Your downtrodden aspect drains energy via your multiple lower facets. Although confusing, there are ‘many’ aspects of you fighting the survival game. Break the habit of playing the survival game. Let your peace warrior awaken. Wear your coat of many colours, your cloak of many fragments, with grace.

Adorn yourself with whatever you wish, but your frequency shouldn’t dwindle. This is reflected through your eight chakra, encapsulated by the innate self, which inspires the human personality-ego-brain self, together with your soul-spirit-self, to embrace their reflection in your celestial mirror, as you dance with your shadow.

All remains an integral part of you. Your body may be left as ash or bone, but your soul warrior leaves with ALL that you experienced!

Transcend from a lower brain to higher mind state.  Embrace ‘The New You’ infused within The New Earth frequencies. Make friends with and be kind to your body, your mind, your brain. Learn new things, and traverse across cosmic frequencies of the unexplored!

The least you owe yourself, is to unwrap the gift of the innate self by connecting with your higher essence who knows who you truly are. Befriend it! 

Sprinkle crystalline dust of synchronicity ahead of you so that your world may become easier, your life lighter and your light ever so much brighter!

I AM Kuthumi, I bless thee as I sprinkle the dust of synchronicity before you. Adonai.

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder, Howick – South Africa 

Author of “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” – www.visionoftheheart.co.za.
Transvoice channel for the ascended masters since 2006 after surviving a mind-blowing extraordinary ordination.