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The 10 Commandments of Attraction

by | Good Reads, Print Articles, Relationships, Summer 2021

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes some people attract wonderful opportunities and joy to their lives while we sometimes feel that we are ‘stuck in a rut’ and don’t seem to be able to get there?


Thoughts are energy. When you tap into a thought it doesn’t meant that it is yours to start with: Thoughts don’t really belong to you.

Imagine your mind as a radio, receiving broadcasts from a station you are tuned to, and you will get this idea.

When we hold on to our thoughts and identify with them, believe that they are the whole reality, we run the risk of stopping the flow for other opportunities, inspiration or information available in the ‘Universal Mind’. It is like closing the door to thoughts passing by and preventing them from resonating with us because our attention is ‘inwards’, like keeping your radio always tuned to the same station. You can no longer ‘hear’ and respond to the Universe, no longer be concerned in the decision-making process of your own life.

When we stop this flow, we lock ourselves into a cycle of repetition which can only be broken when we no longer identify with such thoughts. This is because we can then release the ‘stagnated’ energy locked in them and allow new frequencies to ignite further growth into our lives.

So make sure that you are detached from the thoughts that visit and stay in your mind and, if you feel they are ‘unwelcome tenants’, show them the door.


We only have a certain amount of time on this planet; so don’t take it for granted that you or your loved ones will be here tomorrow or that the world will be the same tomorrow. Make the best out of today and have some joy, for joy vibrates at the same frequency as love: Joy means that you love yourself enough to allow yourself to expand.

Live every day as if it was your last. After all, it could be. Don’t let unfinished business drain the energy that you do have and be ready to share unconditionally your gifts and your love. It will come back to you tenfold.

Do you feel someone did you wrong in the past? Forgiving them doesn’t mean that you have to like or love them. It means that you choose to let go of the pain that you carry because of them. Understand that they did the best they could at the time – make peace with your past and forgive yourself.


We all have seen people who are always very busy and seem really efficient. But, are they?

If you believe that action for the sake of action will take you ‘there’, look back at the times in your life when you were busy but may have accomplished little. Then look back at the times in your life when you got an intuition, acted on it and accomplished a lot but in an effortless way. Do you remember whether, miraculously, the right person or the right circumstance appeared in your life at the right moment, helping you leap forward?

Make sure that you create space for silence in your life, even if it is 15 minutes a day. This is the time to get acquainted with the little inner voice of your intuition. In order to master the process of ‘intuitive action’ you will really need to become best friends with that person inside.

And we all know that we always have time for our best friends.


If you don’t channel the energy that you have by using the focus of your intentions, it will go wild and create whatever it gets attracted to by locking itself to the corresponding frequency somewhere else.

It will bring many undesired circumstances in your life simply because the laws of attraction are working recklessly without your input. If you don’t state to the Universe what you intend to attract, what you want, it is likely that you will be naturally focusing on what you don’t want, so this is what will be presented to you. Failing that, you will be living the attracting forces of someone else, maybe entirely randomly.

Remember that the Universe never lies. Therefore if you refuse to believe that what is happening to you was attracted by you, start looking at the deeper layers of your reality and find the connections (you can use meditation, mind-mapping or any other contemplative tool). The two things that you will discover are: The areas of self-sabotage and the power within you. In other words, the effective or ineffective use of your power.


Although our energy source is infinite (the Universe), until we learn to tap into it all day, every day, 100 per cent efficiently, each of us has only a certain amount of time, energy and money that we can utilise to make the best of our lives.

Because we are not open to limitless abundance (yet) we need to make the most of what we do have. So make sure that you put your house in order (sometimes even literally) and release from your life all the stuff that is no longer useful to you (destroy it or give it away to be recycled). Use the rest of your resources wisely by prioritising them on the basis of how much happiness, love and fulfilment they bring you.


When the chatter in your mind is overwhelming and you don’t seem to have the strength to shut it up, off-load all this information, all your worries, by ‘fixing them’ on paper.

Write your thoughts, draw your inner pictures, and connect your ideas with colourful lines. Then create links between all these ‘items’ in order to find out consciously what is really bothering you.

When you are able to make peace with all these thoughts by channelling them consciously into their rightful (little) place, they lose their power over you and you are then free to ‘create’ the life you want through a focused approach and a clean new perspective.


Forgive and love your past, the people in your past and the person you used to be yesterday. It has all allowed you to become the person you are today. This is the only way to release the old energy that may still be lurking in your present life.

Since your present was created out of the thought patterns of your past, you may find that, in order to create a new and more vibrant future, you will need to change those very same patterns.

If you refuse or are unable to change these patterns, ask yourself what is the hidden benefit in holding on to your old self. If you find that you are simply sabotaging yourself from reaching a more successful future due to fear or limitation, bless and love these fears for in them you will find the key to your personal power.


Only when you decide to accept your present such as it is and are voluntarily willing to take responsibility for how you feel about everything and everyone in your life, can you free yourself from the struggle and resistance that are holding you back.

When you choose to love and accept your present without struggle, you will find that you start refusing to obey the commands and threats of your blind ego and this is when you will get onto an energy ‘highway’ which will propel you towards gigantic leaps forwards.


Every situation is a lesson in love. When we are not able to see the part of ourselves, that which we refuse to accept and which is hidden in every circumstance in our lives, no matter how unpleasant or painful these may be, we get caught in the illusion of struggle and effort.

When we identify ourselves with the situation as it ‘seems’ to be and forget that the Universe runs on love energy, we become victims of a lower frequency, such as fear, hate, pain, sorrow and self-pity, which is simply the other side of love. Until we learn to transmute these negative feelings into pure love, we lock ourselves in a loophole and keep reviving the same experiences again and again.

This is why they say ‘only love will literally set you free’.


We all have one single purpose on this earth: To achieve the complete and full self-expression of who we are every moment, to understand and re-live the divinity inside us, to experience the highest frequencies we are capable of and the continuous transition onto higher dimensions while alive and conscious.

When we refuse to follow the demands of our ego or personality and are prepared to become ‘spiritual executives’ at the command of the Managing Director of this ‘joint’ (the Light, Spirit or God) we then become humble enough to take orders from our Higher Selves.

It is then when we understand that all what we thought we wanted has nothing to do with what we really came here to do. When you surrender to your destiny, to your life-path, to your life-mission, Spirit can use you as a clear channel of communication to transform your own life and the lives of others and to achieve the highest potential at each moment. This is normally translated in material terms as the effortless road to abundance.

Give these 10 Commandments consideration, you may find them helpful in manifesting what you really really want in 2022. All love Ed

Excerpts taken from Odyssey Magazine – Volume 30 No. 1