Crystals touch you in different ways. Have you ever noticed how children are drawn to crystals? Gently stroking and touching them? They are aware of something very powerful and wonderful in those stones.

Quartz watches actually use quartz crystals to keep time. How can they be so accurate?

Crystal Quartz has powered watches since 1927, using quartz to power the mechanism, although the piezoelectric effect[1] of quartz crystals had been understood since the 1880s.

Quartz watches use the nature of the quartz crystal to provide a very accurate resonator which gives a constant electronic signal for timekeeping purposes. The frequency of this vibration is a function of the cut and shape of the crystal. Quartz crystals can be cut at a consistent size and shape to vibrate at thousands of times per second, making those extremely stable resonators for keeping very accurate time.

Crystals have been used to restore balance and cure ailments since the times of ancient Egypt, records show. Records also date back 5 000 years showing their use in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine practices as well.

Crystal healing has been practised throughout history through the use of crystals, amulets and gemstones. The practices associated with crystal healing have been traced by anthropologists within Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations through the use of lapis lazuli, as well as malachite (minerals) to influence healing and protection. The use of crystals has also been associated with the ancient Indian, Greek and Roman civilisations. Crystal use has been referenced in philosophy in the occurrence of philosopher stones and the Holy Grail

Therapeutic touching practices and crystal tools seem as old as records of history. The gaps in energy patterns, the degrees of density and the colours emitted from the body together provide diagnostic information. Band-aiding gaps in energy patterns, ‘tonifying’ the energy’s overall density and balancing the field that emanates from them are therapeutic methods used to manipulate forces and fields that stimulate a healing process.

Research in biological science and environmental medicine is beginning to explain the influence of field effects, bio-electrical processes and biological hypersensitivity upon human health. The use of electrical current to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration is stirring the medical community with its successes and implications. The significance of this research is that it begins to show the special curative value of changing electrical fields within an organism to influence biochemical and physiological function     We have been given our most powerful mineral and environmental gifts from Gaia our Mother Earth to stimulate integrated healing of body, mind and spirit; accept these gifts graciously and gratefully. Contemplate just for a moment, the magnificence and wonder of it all.

[1] Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.

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