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The Many Benefits of Kratom

by | May 8, 2022 | Digitorials, Winter 2022 | 0 comments

The definition of ‘holistic’ is: ‘The belief that all the separate parts of something combine to make up the whole”. Our physical health and mental wellbeing are intrinsically interconnected, so to be truly, holistically healthy means to have a good balance between physical fitness, mental health and everything in between.

Kratom is a truly holistic medicine, as it offers a myriad of positive mental and physical health benefits that can often help to address several health issues simultaneously.

People who start using kratom for one particular problem, often find that it is actually also helping them with other issues they hadn’t even considered. For example, someone who tries kratom as an alternative to the painkillers their doctor has prescribed is pleasantly surprised by their decreased anxiety and stress levels. Alternatively, someone who’s using kratom specifically for anxiety relief may notice that it also works brilliantly to reduce their aches and pains from arthritis or gout.

Everything in our body works together, so improving one aspect of your physical or mental health can have a beneficial knock-on effect in various other areas. When we are experiencing pain, it’s not just a physical issue; it has a negative effect on our mental wellbeing, our mood, energy levels and numerous other things. Those who suffer from depression are well aware of how physically debilitating and draining their symptoms can be. One medical problem can feed into another and finding solutions that work in a more balanced way is key. Ultimately, the less medications we consume, the happier our bodies will be, so if one natural preparation can replace several pharmaceuticals, that can only be a positive thing.

The three most popular uses for kratom are for pain relief, help with depression and anxiety and as an aid for concentration or improved focus, but there is a wide range of other benefits on offer. All medicines have side effects, but kratom seems to have some side-benefits too.

In terms of physical health, it can effectively balance our blood pressure by modulating our blood flow and adrenal responses. It’s also very rich in antioxidants which protect our bodies from all sorts of natural deterioration and cellular damage. It helps the body produce more melanin in our skin cells, which protects us from sun damage from the inside out. Most users report increased libido and sexual vitality and say that it acts as an aphrodisiac as well as increasing stamina; which must be why fitness fanatics and exercise junkies love it for its performance-boosting properties.

Kratom has a mild diuretic effect which can be good for the kidneys, helping to expel more impurities in our urine and it also acts as a tonic for the liver. This was first noticed in studies into the use of Kratom as a treatment for opioid addiction and plays a part in how well it works to help users in recovery from a variety of substance abuse problems but particularly for opioids.

As with many alternative medications, there is never enough legitimate medical research available but kratom advocates swear by it and it seems to be genuinely helping millions of people every day. It’s a multipurpose all-natural substance that can be used for a broad range of health issues and, as research grows and more clinical studies are completed, we will have a better understanding of its complex pharmacology. Some day more people will benefit from all the many benefits of kratom.