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The power of transformation –A personal journey

by | Digitorials, Print Articles, Summer 2023

In a world where wellness can mean so many things and the ups and downs of feeling better and then cycling into overwhelm is an endless ‘song’; what might 2024 hold for you?

Will you be going through the same rollercoaster of emotions and repeating situations and stories, or will the coming 12 months be where you are able to take your wellness to the next level, might we say Transformation.

Visualise how you can live your best life as the sun is peeking through the clouds, reaching out and touching your heart and soul, by igniting your purpose and full potential.  Allowing your spirit to BURST into bright colours of nature, leaving your body, mind and soul filled with joy and peace by meeting your purpose and full potential. 

Transformation has been a buzz word in our organisation for many years and, over the last five years,  we have seen significant growth in people,  which has overflowed into their world. What is transformation?

Transformation can be seen as the ‘agility pill’ for 2024. 

Transformation captures wellness holistically and impacts work and home in a way that centres around your ability to shift your world for the better. In Positive Psychology we recognise that shifting our lens allows us to scan our world for opportunities and we can see a new way to navigate the uncontrollable challenges that get in the way of our plans and even living life to the full. Imagine the power of being able to fill your own emotional cup (joy, peace, happiness, wisdom) and,  through that process,  being a more impactful human in both work and life. Imagine being able to unlock your limitless potential?  Even as business people or leaders,  imagine how transformation of yourself and your staff can impact outcomes. 

Our Global CEO, Christina Foxwell, who was born in South Africa and migrated to Australia 16 years ago,  is a testament to transforming of her life and our organisation. She has dedicated her career to building a human-centred performance improvement, coaching, training and consulting practice called Ignite Purpose.

Madeleine Pretorius was recently appointed to Ignite Purpose as Director of Leadership, Growth and Cultural Transformation, she will be joining the team in SA. As the barefoot farm girl from the Free State,  her background as Psychotherapist, Trauma therapist, Life and Mental wellness Coach from Oslo Beach, KZN, she will bring incredible value to our organisation.

Transformation is reached by significant growth when emotional and mental wellness impacts on work and home in a way that centres around your ability to shift your world for the better. 

Ignite Purpose is looking forward to connecting with you and your organisation through our facilitation of workshops, seminars, leadership programmes, online courses,  as well as the Ignite Purpose App.
Visit us at www.ignitepurposeafrica.com to find out more.