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Unlocking the reconditioning power of words and numbers

In late November 2021, a seed of inspiration was sown, setting in motion a series of events that would change the course of my life for ever. With the pure intention of igniting the divine spark within each of us, I embarked on a journey that led me to a profound revelation: The untapped power of language.

It all began at a Garden and Home show, an unexpected encounter with a vendor who introduced me to the KwazuluSpirit Festival. Little did I know that this meeting would become a turning point. The catalyst for transformation was a workshop led by Sarah Bullen. It was a beautiful and enlightening experience, akin to the planting of seeds on a spring day, nurturing thoughts to bear fruit in the fertile soil of our consciousness.

In my early 20s, my journey into the depths of consciousness and, much later, language began with a burning question: “How can love coexist with constant conflict, as I witnessed between my parents?” I embarked on countless journeys and explored various fields, yet the answer remained beyond my grasp. It seemed that the world was steeped in ego-driven divisions: ‘My Yoga is better than yours’, ‘my healing modality surpasses yours’, ‘my religion trumps yours’, ‘I am more qualified than you’. The ego played its divisive role. This yielded no signs of this elusive ‘pure love’. Instead, I found myself mired in comparisons, one-upmanship and the relentless game of ego.

However, in the early days of 2021, a simple realisation dawned upon me. ‘You can take thousands of seeds throw them into the ground and the seeds need to find a good rooting system into the Earth. Once the rooting system is established they all independently veer towards the sun.   So we all have a solo connection to God.’

It was a revelation of profound simplicity: Just as seeds find their unique connection to the sun once rooted in the Earth, we, too, have a direct link to the divine. We are all individual expressions of the same cosmic energy.

A workplace altercation left me afflicted with anger and frustration, prompting me to ask: ‘Why, God?’ The answer came unexpectedly, a silent voice within me affirming: ’God, love you with all my heart’, a truth expressed without using ‘I’, which we will delve into shortly. This affirmation became my daily mantra and, within months, I experienced an overwhelming sense of elation.

Fast forward to November 2021 and the idea to create a book series emerged – ‘I to YOU’. However, naming myself as author proved challenging. It was at a time that I confronted many addictions plaguing my journey and the notion of a ‘wounded healer’, someone trying to heal others before healing themselves. “Unconsciousness is the mother of all addictions and the father of all suicides,” said Ian Xel Lungold. What was my unconsciousness hiding?

In between the book, igniting the divine spark, activations and gematria, answers began to surface. Gematria, the mystical practice of assigning numerical values to letters, revealed the hidden power of words and sentences. Just as computers store data as 1s and 0s, language could be converted into numbers. Energy, frequency and vibration, as Nikola Tesla put it, resonated through words.

Applying the rule of simple gematria to English, A=1, B=2 and so on, unlocked a world of insights. For example, ‘ENERGY’ equated to 74:  ENERGY = 5+14+5+18+7+25 = 74.

Converting these numbers back to letters revealed 7=G and D=4.

We have GD, now GOD has the O in it.

Why is the O so significant? It is because energy without an O-utlet is only potential energy and does not reach its kinetic state. It is likened to closing an open electric circuit which enables us to get whatever we plug in.  With a closed circuit and open flow of energy, we plug in a radio and get music, plug in a light bulb and get light.

Kabbalists were grouping sacred text together if they had the same numerical value. They considered words and phrases with identical numerical values, synonymous. Other gematria examples:

SILENT MIND=19+9+12+5+14+20+13+9+14+4=119

DEATH OF THE EGO=4+5+1+20+8+15+6+20+8+5+5+7+15=119

GOD IS IN CHARGE=7+15+4+9+19+9+14+3+8+1+18+7+5=119

Computers can only operate by incorporating two states OFF = 0 and ON = 1.  With these two states everything that is created by the computer is stored in streams of 1s and 0s.  When retrieving it the computer will convert the streams of data to the characters you are now seeing. Much like computers, our bodies store information through neurons. Neurons that fire together wire together, shaping our conditioned selves.

The I AM is a constant in our reality.  Whatever follows the I AM is part of the relative world we experience. They are always the first words we use when we introduce ourselves: “I am John and I am a botanist…” or “I am Samantha and I am the CEO of …” Our accomplishments and the space we take up in the word has become who we are and how we are rated. We get so identified with the I statements that we will fight to keep them at all costs.

It is an agreement we make with our ego and sense of self-importance and worth, based on the information that was given to us by our frame of reference, milieu and conditioning. Up to the age of around seven life is all about fun: we would be unaware of age, race, gender, religion or political ideologies. None of that exists as we are still pure.

Gematria became a tool for breaking down this conditioning, allowing readers to open themselves up to these hidden numerical connections. As they do, these numbers begin to manifest in their reality, serving as confirmation of their transformative journey.

Recently, researchers have pinpointed a specific region within the frontal portion of the brain responsible for housing the ego, consciousness and the sense of self. According to their findings, the areas known as the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and fronto-insular cortex (FIC) are the primary sites where one’s sense of ego awareness reside. It is in these regions that the foundational ‘I AM’ conditioning takes root.

The book series, I to YOU, guides readers through this transformational journey. Book 1 works on the lower three energy centres, initiating the shift from ‘I’ to ‘O’. Book 2 engages the upper three energy centres and introduces the 118 energies, forming a circle of 119 energies.

Book 3 addresses all energy centres, major and minor, integrating them and unifying the brain’s hemispheres. It tackles the healing of the corpus callosum, the release of genetic programming and a return to one’s authentic self.

The seeds were planted and the intention was set for the summer season. In 2024, Archangel Michael will assist in the transition. We all have the cosmic forces in our favour.

The recent Lions Gate Portal, a powerful cosmic event, charged our bodies with energy and love, signalling a shift from ‘his-story’ to ‘her-story’. Our world, once dominated by ‘I’, was now moving towards ‘O’, much like the binary code of computers.

Nature and numbers become allies in this voyage of a self-discovery that is devoid of the consciousness-consuming impact of the ego and the ’I AM’ reality. Nature tunes us in, numbers calibrate us and activations integrate us into our authentic selves.

In the teachings of Ian Xel Lungold, we find the concept of creation running on cycles. The shift from the mind-centric his-story to the body-centric her-story marks a pivotal transition in our world. Just as computers use 1s and 0s, our minds are now shifting from ‘I’ to ‘O’.

In closing, a Cree Indian prophecy reminds us:

Only when the last tree has been cut down.

Only when the last river has been poisoned.

Only when the last fish has been caught.

Only then you will find that money cannot be eaten.”

It’s only when we embrace both divine masculine and feminine and transmute the toxicity of an over-emphasised ego or ‘I AM’ reality that we honour ourselves and Mother Earth.

Inspired by the All-that-Is, a collaborated article with Ene G.

To embark on this transformative journey and learn more about Ene G’s work, visit the website Ene-G.co.za or Ene-G-Hope.com or reach out via email at [email protected].

More information awaits, along with a shared vision that honours all of life.