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The Road to Healing Unresolved Trauma

by | Conscious Living, Print Articles, Summer 2021, Thought Leaders

We are all in an invisible war that is creating fear and deep-seated trauma in both adults and children.   Therefore, we need to understand what trauma is and how our ‘fight and flight’ response works.

When we are traumatised, our primal brain kicks in within nanoseconds and typically takes us into one of two responses, being fight or flight.  The fight response being an expression of anger and flight the expression of fear. 

These instinctive human responses kick in to keep us safe.  But of course, in this modern world, we are not running away from bulls and bears or other ferocious animals.  We are dealing with a myriad of external forces, some being invisible viruses, or perhaps growing up with angry fathers or overstressed single mothers.

When we are young, enduring something like the school system can be highly traumatising.  Experiencing overwhelming external threats and not having the capacity for fight or flight, creates trauma, which then becomes ‘frozen’ into our energy grid.

Imagine the huge amount of kinetic energy that the primal brain and the human body create in response to an external terrifying threat.  Albeit subliminal, this threat creates a huge amount of energy that enables your body to go into a sort of superhuman state, to fight off the threat or to flee. 

If you can’t actually use that kinetic energy in the fight or flight response,  then that kinetic energy becomes literally ‘frozen’ into your energetic grid, causing a huge amount of problems.  The more trauma that you freeze into your energy grid, the more numbed you become, eventually being unable to feel empathy or compassion. 

This freeze response is very deliberately manufactured, especially by the school system, our family relationships and society at large.  These systems create people who are unable to feel empathy or compassion, for all intents and purposes they are closed down and their hearts are essentially frozen. These highly traumatised individuals often find their way into senior positions in business, politics, the military, banking or industry.  They are impervious to others’ feelings and often ruthless, creating trauma amongst their colleagues and families.

That kinetic energy which is frozen into the human energy grid, is a bit like a pressure cooker and the more unresolved, internal trauma that is frozen into your grid, the easier you are to trigger. Thus many highly traumatised individuals tend to default to varying archetypal roles.  They tend to be either always busy, can’t relax, have to win, or are quite aggressive and often bullying, defaulting into persecutor archetypes – Because hurt people, hurt people! 

Other highly traumatised people tend to be depressed, anxious, fearful and nervous and take on the victim role.  This creates a persecutor, victim dynamic, which leads to the persecutor energy constantly finding victims and, therefore, victims constantly finding persecutors. 

A persecutor could be seen as a gift to you, if you can move beyond their triggering and see that they are being sent to help you to bring up your unresolved trauma so as to be fully felt, transmuted and healed.

Basically, with unresolved trauma you will keep attracting the essence of that trauma into your life, until you allow your adult self to re-play your childhood trauma.  Only when it is fully felt and understood, can it be transmuted and healed. 

In the process of doing energy healing treatments, I awaken the frozen trauma, releasing and facilitating your healing.  This is carried out over several sessions, depending on the degree of trauma to be released.  I also use kinesiology to access your subconscious mind.

Another dynamic, being the most dangerous role, is that of the rescuer.  In our endeavour to solve our unresolved trauma, if we are caught up in this persecutor, victim dynamic, we may either attempt to become, or to look for a rescuer. 

It is important to realise that these roles are interchangeable. Thus, when a victim reaches out to a rescuer, a rescuer may get involved and start to persecute the bully.  Hence the original bully becomes a victim because the rescuer is the persecutor of the bully. 

Victims, often gravitate towards becoming therapists and healers, thus becoming rescuers.  Here the challenge with that rescuer role is if you set yourself up in a position in life, where your life is all about helping people who have been victims of abuse, then suddenly your role in the world as a rescuer depends on the existence of these victims. 

This is a triangle in which a self-perpetuating drama constantly plays out and is quite often seen with people who have been victims and subsequently become healers or therapists themselves, thus stepping into the rescuer role. 

Rather than becoming a therapist and moving directly into rescuer role, it is imperative to delve deep first, to heal and resolve your own inner trauma.  Otherwise you will continuously manifest the drama triangle.  Once you’ve resolved your own trauma you’re able to move into the healing arts. You can’t heal others, until you yourself are healed. 

This persecutor, rescuer, victim drama is an important triangle to understand, as it is the dynamic which perpetuates the human drama.  When we break the drama triangle we don’t have to keep playing out the same scenario.  We need to heal the unresolved trauma which is the underlying cause of the problem. 

About these dynamics
By simply collapsing the drama triangle dynamics, which were driving and creating the problem, the trauma situation is now resolved. 

We all have a window of tolerance, depending on how much unresolved trauma we have in our energy grid.  Our window of tolerance maybe very, very narrow and therefore it doesn’t take much on the external plane to trigger our unresolved frozen trauma. 

Understanding the above, as we start to work with our unresolved trauma, it starts to heal.  What happens is that, within the healing process, our window of tolerance opens wider and wider, eventually melting that frozen inner childhood trauma.

The key to healing our trauma is through the cultivation of stillness through meditation. By building spaciousness into our lives we slow things down and create that powerful pause, so that we don’t have to be pulled into reaction (fight and flight) because we are then less easily triggered.

As our ancient ancestors knew, the healing resonance of specific sacred sounds, music, song, dance, laughter and spending time in nature are really important aspects to transforming and tuning our individual harmonic resonance, balancing our energy grid. 

Nutritious, whole organic foods and pure drinking water, together with breathing fresh clean air, are essential to our overall optimal health.

With that thought I send you much love, keep the faith, shine your light, stay in your heart and make time to cultivate a daily mediation practice.

Diana Collins Smith

Diana is a practitioner of energy medicine, kinesiology, a psychic channel, a sound healer and a spiritual and vibrational energy teacher.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she offers treatments, readings, entity clearings, healing retreats, courses and workshops in person and online to clients around Africa and the world.  She has trained extensively throughout the world. A Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites. Diana represents the HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute Europe and Living Threads Australia www.dianacollinssmith.com