Transformational Waves of Change

Eric pioneered ThetaHealing® in South Africa, bringing it to the country in 2009

Over the last few decades there has been a massive awakening as to how our subconscious mind affects the way we create our reality. Although there is much value in maintaining a positive mindset, spiritual teachers like Vianna Stibal have shown us that positive thinking is not enough if we want to improve our lives. Emotional and physical healing may actually require the transformation of deeply held blocks in the subconscious mind. Through her creation of the ThetaHealing® technique in 1995, Vianna has shown people all over the world that ‘the Creator of All That Is’ never says no to our healing; it is our limiting belief programs in the subconscious mind that block the healing energy and these can be changed instantly; Source, God, Allah are some of the names used for the Creator.

 The subconscious belief programs are held in different parts of the body and have different origins. These core, ancestral, history and soul level beliefs may limit our ability to eat correctly, rest, stay healthy, be authentic, cope with stress, or live harmoniously.

 In my one-on-one sessions, I have noticed how often people subconsciously believe, for example, that they must do something to make something happen. While this makes sense on one level, when you feel into the energy of ‘must’ it suggests obligation and ‘make’ feels like the energy of pushing, forcing, struggling and hard work. Using a form of ‘talk therapy’ (digging), I help these clients explore how these beliefs serve or limit them. I might get them to imagine how it would feel to be able to act from the position of allowing, attracting to themselves what they desire and releasing any beliefs they have to push, fix, or force their way into joy and alignment. We get to the ‘bottom belief’ by using my connection to Source, my intuitive scanning abilities and a form of muscle testing. I then facilitate the ‘pulling’ of the limiting belief that had been holding an unhealthy vibrational pattern in place. Limiting beliefs and toxic emotions are stored, like real objects, in the subconscious mind-body, waiting to be removed and replaced with empowering downloads of energy, such as joy, patience and abundance, from the Creator of All That Is. 

So much of what we believe subconsciously is no longer relevant to us, but the past programs are often running in the background of the mind and it’s these programs which create reality in the same old way until the readjustment takes place.

 By working with a ThetaHealing® practitioner, people can remove the chains that bind them to negative beliefs and experience new feelings and states of being. This is where profound learning, personal healing, and spiritual growth can occur. People can also instantly change karma, energy contracts, oaths, vows and obligations made in past lives and release wayward spirits, energy hooks and soul fragments. They can also be helped to manifest a soulmate, get healthier, or achieve some other desire. Every step is done through guidance by connecting to Source.

In the practitioner training, students learn how to lower their brainwaves to the theta brain wave to tap into the quantum field to witness changes at a cellular level. Through psychic activation and the transmission of information, including a DNA activation, people experience a shift in consciousness that enables them to assist others in making remarkable changes. They learn how to look psychically inside the body and how to change limiting beliefs.

 Students learn more about the planes of existence, divine timing, angels, ancestors, illnesses, and the techniques which help enhance mind, body, and spirit. They learn how to put to use their own intuition, relying upon the unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is to do the actual ‘work’ and to help them manifest what they desire.

All ThetaHealing® practitioners are certified by Vianna’s company in the USA. People cannot be Theta Healers just by reading her book, so, before you work with a Theta Healer, please ensure that they are licensed and regulated by the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge. There are different levels of training and so you may want to find out what courses your practitioner has completed. The more courses, the more techniques they will have learned and the more likely that they will be applying the techniques in their own life.

A good ThetaHealing® practitioner has an open heart and an open mind and works without judgment. They utilise scanning and the digging technique to help identify and clear the blocks to healing and self-development, but will not make any changes without the client’s explicit permission. They will also not diagnose or comment on medications. Sessions last about one hour, and can be done remotely.

Eric is a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner and master instructor with a background in education, behaviour change and gender issues. In his classes, Eric shares personal experiences to illustrate the multidimensional concepts and healing techniques being taught. He offers online courses, consultations and free monthly webinars. Join his newsletter at