To Know Thyself is to Honour Thy Know: Embracing Transformation through the Healing Power of Frequency

by | Autumn 2024, Digitorials

As the autumn season returns, there is a call to pause and reflect on the passage of time. It has been a year since Kamala first enriched the pages of Odyssey Magazine, infusing our lives with the sacred threads of Frequency Medicine.

In this dance of time, I stand before you humbled, for the journey from then to now has been one of profound transmutation. I found myself immersed in ceremony, shedding old identities to emerge anew. I received the name I walk with today, Mother Angel Seeds the Light — a reminder to walk with reverence. It is my deepest honour to hold space and journey alongside each of you as you unlock all that resides within.

The path to self-discovery, to truly Know Thyself, is a pilgrimage of the soul — an invitation to delve deep into the recesses of our being and unearth the truths that lie dormant within. It is a journey of remembrance, a rekindling of the divine spark that resides within each of us, awaiting the gentle breath of awakening.

To embark on this odyssey is to embark on a quest for healing — a journey where the frequencies of Kamala’s Medicine will guide you like a beacon in the darkness, towards wholeness and transformation. It is a journey of shedding that which no longer serves you, releasing the burdens of the past to make space for the blossoming of your truest selves, carrying forward only the wisdom gained.

This is an invitation to embody the teachings of snake medicine, for within its coils lies the promise of rebirth and regeneration, the wisdom of cycles as old as time itself. Embrace the dance of duality, finding harmony in the balance between light and shadow, creation and destruction.

As we traverse this sacred path together, let us honour the truth that to know ourselves is to honour the very essence of our being.

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Know, dear heart, that you are divinely guided and held as you navigate the flowing waters of your journey. Be courageous, dear one, and choose yourself — for in your embodiment lies the key to unlocking the miracles that await. 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin