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A combination of rebounding and plant-based eating has brought South African health and fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh, to the belief that this powerful combination has the potential to transform your body completely.

As a qualified personal trainer and self-confessed fitness junkie, I can honestly say that I’ve tried almost every form of exercise there is. From Crossfit-style, HIIT workouts to Yoga, pilates and more traditional sports such as running, swimming and cycling, I’ve done them all and have discovered that each one has its own pros and cons. However, in my opinion, nothing can compare or come close to the endless benefits of rebounding (also known as jumping on a mini trampoline).

I really believe that rebounding is one of the most effective, enjoyable and time-efficient ways to get fit, tone up and lose weight. I can’t help but smile when I bounce on a rebounder and that’s one of the main reasons why I love it so much – it’s kind to my body, gets my heart rate up and makes me feel so good!

Rebounding is also one of the most cost-effective workouts around. Our products have payment options to make them really accessible, and rebounding can be done at home without gym fees. It is also super mobile. Our bi-fold bungee (first of its kind in South Africa) and our spring rebounder can be checked in as hand luggage or tossed into the back seat of your car. You can enjoy hundreds of different intensities wherever you are. My various programmes are designed for beginners, men, kids and the elderly, right through to experienced rebounding fanatics who want to continue being challenged.

I’ve designed a beautiful range of rebounding customisations from carry bags, rebounder skirts and accessories to resistance bands and ankle weights. Each item is a celebration of aesthetics and movement, which is really what rebounding is all about.

Surprising Benefits of Rebounding

  •  It helps to combat cellulite.
  •  It’s been proven to boost the immune system and aid in lymph drainage and detoxification. 
  •  It helps to build a stronger pelvic floor and reduce the risk of prolapse.
  •  It shows promise in helping to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes. 
  •  It helps to reduce sugar cravings.
  •  It promotes relaxation and helps to relieve symptoms of insomnia. 

Rebounding for Post-Partum Recovery
Four years ago, after Bella was born, rebounding was my primary form of exercise. At the time, Bella wasn’t sleeping through the night, so I was tired and feeling worn out. I wanted to exercise but didn’t have the time to run for hours or do a strength training routine every day. Plus, I was finding it hard to run with the extra 5-7kg I’d picked up from pregnancy and needed to do something that was low impact and easy on my joints.

My weekly rebounding sessions played such a crucial role in rebuilding strength in my abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, which are typically so weak after birth. 

After each session, my core and deep abdominal muscles felt so stiff! Much more so than after completing a series of specific abdominal exercises. And with every bounce, I could feel the muscles in my body working and engaging just where I wanted them to.

I carried on attending classes in Johannesburg and the weight just fell off without having to follow a strict diet or rigid exercise regime. And that’s what I love most about rebounding. It’s fun, time efficient and you see results fast. My skin, hair and nails looked better too – thanks to the detoxing effects of rebounding.

Rebounding for Immunity
Rebounding is one of the best things you can do for enhanced immunity. While all exercise is great for a healthy mind and body, rebounding is simply on another level when it comes to stimulating your white blood cells to fight infections.

This is one of the main reasons why I love this form of exercise so much – because it has hidden benefits that few other exercise modalities have. So, besides assisting with weight loss and helping you to feel fitter and stronger, rebounding will keep you healthy too.

Within a global pandemic, there’s no doubt that you need to focus on building a healthy, strong immune system to ward off infections.

Studies show that rebounding (and being airborne for brief periods) improves the body’s immune system and ability to fight off infections. It does this by increasing white blood cell count and increasing lymph fluid circulation, which helps to expel toxins from the body. These findings were published in the journal, Physiologist,in 1979.

Rebounding has also been shown to reduce your risk of cancer by improving lymph circulation, which increases the rate at which toxins and other cancer-forming chemicals are removed from the cells and transported to the organs where they can be expelled from the body. One of the primary causes of cancer is oxygen deprivation at the cellular level. Cancer cells are anaerobic and can’t survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Rebounding greatly increases the oxygenation of the body and therefore creates an inhospitable environment for cancer cells to grow and thrive.
According to Linda Brooks, author of Rebounding and Your Immune System, gentle bouncing on a rebounder for two minutes out of every hour is good therapy for preventing and treating cancer.

Plant-based Living
While many diet trends come and go, I’m thrilled to see that the plant-based movement is continuing to gain momentum and is fast-becoming one of the healthiest and most popular diet trends for long-term health.
As a vegetarian, I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of plant-based eating – and as I’ve experienced, filling your plate with plant-based foods does wonders for your health and waistline, not to mention the planet! 

A plant-based diet consists mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes such and lentils and chickpeas and fruits, with few or no animal products.

In South Africa, it’s certainly becoming easier to stick to a plant-based diet. I’ve noticed that I have way more options when it comes to eating out and shopping.

When I see clients for a wellness consultation, I start them on my Elimin8 programme, which is a vegan-based programme, for 10 days. We eliminate all potential foods that could aggravate the gut and trigger allergies, such as sugar, wheat, caffeine etc. Then, they follow a diet of their choice (some meat, plant-based, or Mediterranean) as their maintenance programme. It really is the best way to eat for overall health and longevity. 

The aim is always to create a healthy, sustainable eating plan that’s easy to implement and follow.  In my opinion, it is more about a ‘better for you diet’ whereby people follow the 80-20 rule, rather than aiming for perfection.
I truly believe that it’s not about becoming vegetarian or vegan per se, but more about reducing the demand for foods that put pressure on the environment and drive animal cruelty practices. Less demand for these products, will be better for us and the world.  Because plant-based diets are predominantly rich in fibre and vitamins, they also help to:

  •  Lower cholesterol and blood pressure;
  •  Reduce the risk of disease;
  •  Help to prevent obesity;
  •  Minimise the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

The key is to start slowly and focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can’t eat. So, begin by filling your plate with more fruits and veggies, grains, seeds and nuts, healthy fats from olives, avocado and olive oil and pulses including beans, chickpeas and lentils.

Then, start to cut down on the amount of animal products you consume, including cheese, milk, eggs and meat. You don’t have to cut it them out altogether, but the more plant-based foods you eat, the more satisfied you’ll feel and the less you’ll crave other foods.

Planning is key. Whether I’m rushing off to teach a rebounding class or heading out to shoots or meetings for the day, I always make sure I have at least one or two healthy, plant-based snacks with me, especially if there’s a chance I’ll be working through lunch. Some of my favourite, healthy, plant-based snacks include crudités with hummus, or a protein shake.

If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to eat breakfast, I simply mix a scoop of my super food drink mix – Super Scoop (which is high in fibre, probiotics and contains 50 organic fruit and veg extracts) in some water or almond milk, or I have a protein shake.

Both these drinks are simple to prepare and packed with nutrients to boost my energy levels and immune system. Or I add some protein to my Super Scoop drink and voilà, I have everything I need in one travel mug. Trail mix is an ideal snack for sustained energy – and it’s tasty too. Grab a handful of mixed, dried fruit (preferably sulphur free) and add four or five almonds, cashews or mixed nuts, some cranberries or goji berries and a handful of cacao nibs for an extra energy boost. Mix together and store in an airtight container or sandwich bag.

My recommended transformation solutions include an 8-week Elimin8 programme, DNA Health Test, my popular Belly Book and many programmes that have proven results. Combining plant-based living with rebounding and a detailed understanding of your unique DNA is a data-driven approach to healthcare.

Transforming your daily habits to reach your body, mind and wellness goals is rewarding, but must be viewed as a gradual celebration of self, rather than any kind of punishment. Movement is beautiful, food is a blessing and nourishment should be prioritised over restriction. I love guiding my clients to a sustainable body and mind transformation, using many tools, motivation, personal consultations and fun, accessible movement. For the past 20 years I’ve witnessed the kinds of transformations that leave me utterly inspired to help the next client attain their goals.

Transformation will come, but it requires honesty, consistency and a lot of self-care.

Lisa Raleigh

I’m Lisa Raleigh – a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach with a passion for wellness. I’ve been an exercise specialist for 18 years and I love what I do. Some of my key focus areas are to help people with digestion issues and gut health, stress management, improved strength and fitness, obesity management and just simply demonstrating how easy it can be to live a balanced, healthy life that’s sustainable. I don’t believe in quick fixes or short cuts, but I do believe in hard work and dedication and it’s my life’s mission to help people realise their full potential and thrive!

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