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Unbound: an invitation into deeper connection and intimacy

by | Good Reads, Print Articles, Relationships, Spring 2022

Becoming unbound is a journey into your heart to find and align with your most authentic self. This invitation into greater personal and relationship fulfillment and intimacy has never been more needed. In this book Dr Nicholas Neaves outlines the way forward for effective ways to grow into what you need.

“Writing Unbound was a healing journey as much as it was an expression of my counselling work up to that point. The theme of being unbound always appealed to me as I found my clients having that feeling of being trapped, caged or bound. Many of them felt disempowered to heal or move through their problems – hence feeling bound. The book describes the loss of my late wife and the tools and healing I gained to become unbound from that experience. Many cancer widows have found the book helpful from this point of view.

The themes in Unbound deal with returning ourselves to our core essence and living more from that place of authenticity. Understanding how we flow energy through our thoughts, heart and body dictates a lot in relationships and the depth therein possible or not. Many seek my counsel to have more intimate and connected relationships – Unbound certainly details my clinical experience to help people achieve that. My goal with Unbound was always to open more hearts to their full potential and I believe this has been achieved for many of my readers already.

Individual chapters for men and women are explored in detail. The core concepts of masculinity and femininity are discussed in a holistic and informative way. Further chapters explore what it means to be together in healthy relationships while bringing out our core essences.

I’ve wanted my readers to have a quick and to-the-point user manual at their fingertips that reminds them of who they are and what great potential lies in healing and relationships.

My three beautiful daughters continue to inspire me to learn and heal so I may be more available to them as a father and guide. Having lost my wife to cancer when the girls were five, three and one years of age comes through in Unbound as I share a chapter on my personal journey too.”

“My wish for our readers is to believe in ourselves to have deeper, more meaningful and beautiful moments – and to become wiser at choosing whom to spend those moments with.Nicholas

Dr Nicholas Neaves is a master counsellor, pastoral narrative therapist, couples’ counsellor and homeopath. He stays with his three girls in South Africa in Mosselbay. A lover of research, music and the outdoors, Nicholas is a fighter and adventurer for the human spirit. Unbound Heart is the next title soon to be released by Nicholas on healing stories. The book Unbound is available on Amazon.
For more information contact: [email protected]https://drneaves.com