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Quantum physics asserts that everything has a vibrational nature. Of course, this applies to the food we consume as nutrition. And each type of food, just like each person’s handwritten signature, reveals unique energetic properties that point to its nature and “personality.” This distinct vibrational nature of the different foods we eat is its energy signature.

Deepening Our Relationship with Food

Nowadays most everyone is familiar with the unique health benefits of fruits, vegetables, protein, herbs, and spices and their specific effects on the human organism. For example, it’s now widely known that turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, that lemon supports optimal liver function, that carrots significantly improve eye health, and so on. I have always been mindful of how certain foods stimulate my body, but as I have deepened my relationship with and understanding of food, a fascinating new layer has started to unfurl.

I am a longtime student of Ayurveda as well as flower essences, plants, and esoteric aromatherapy, and so I’ve developed a good foundation for understanding the subtle body. Through this work I was led to understand how my food cravings and aversions revealed a fascinating story of me at the most subtle level—what I refer to as my deep self. I discovered that I was leveraging the world around me through the food choices I was making to construct specific states of being, both positive and negative. This is a radical concept, so allow me to elaborate.

Early in life I had a strong distaste for yellow crookneck squash. Reason told me it was because I didn’t like the texture or taste. However, as I came to understand the energy signature of food, I realized there was a more significant explanation. I don’t like structure or routine, and because that is exactly the energy that yellow crookneck squash brings, I avoided this plant altogether! As I’ve matured and adopted a more conventional routine, I now actually crave the way it supports my productivity and organization, and so I regularly incorporate it in my diet.