Why Coffee Smoothies Are Gaining Popularity in 2024 (and How to Make Them)

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Many people have their own preferences of how they enjoy coffee, whether in terms of strength or texture. Drinking coffee as a smoothie might not be at the top of your list just yet. However, it’s one of the more innovative ways people consume it and garnering plenty of attention. A coffee smoothie is more than just your regular frappucino or other cold coffee blends, though the comparison isn’t too far off. It has a creamy texture that still retains the appeal of caffeine while bringing flavours of banana and nuts into the mix. It has many popular benefits and is quite easy to make.

Reasons for drinking coffee as a smoothie

Drinking coffee as a smoothie makes sense, whether you’re a fan of breakfast shakes or a morning ‘cup of joe’. The shake is a great mood booster that blends the best of both worlds.

1. It’s a new spin on coffee

The whole globe loves coffee. Almost 176 million 60-kilogram packs of coffee were consumed worldwide. Cappuccino, iced coffee, latte and all the other coffee drink types are comforting because they’re familiar. But the beauty of food and beverages is getting creative.

There are endless innovations, from the viral Dalgona coffee to the beloved tiramisu. Coffee smoothies are an addition to the long line of these delectable creations. Whether you already love coffee or you’re trying to learn how to enjoy it, this blended drink is worth trying.

2. It’s simple to recreate

As delicious as most coffee creations are, they may be complicated to make. For instance, a coffee cake requires many ingredients to complete the batter. There are many opportunities to mess up and have the dessert fall flat, too.

Learning how to make a coffee smoothie is easier than other caffeinated beverages and desserts. Instructions are below to guide you through the process and there’s little room for error.

3. It’s a great pick-me-up beverage

Coffee is one of the best ways to start your morning, typically with bread or other sustenance. The smoothie version is a little more satisfying and filling since it has a more dense consistency. You can enjoy the beverage without any accompaniment.

Plus, the shake still provides plenty of energy to get you through the morning. The coffee can boost dopamine and norepinephrine to create a positive mood. Matching that with feeling full without being bloated is a great way to start the day.

4. It integrates some delicious fruits

Everyone can benefit from eating more fruits. One of the core ingredients in a coffee smoothie is a banana. If you feel you haven’t had produce in a while, its appearance in your morning drink can make quite a difference.

Some people also like to add other variations to their finished coffee smoothie mix. For example, blueberries and strawberries can balance out the shake’s flavour. They also add subtle texture.

5. It still contains caffeine benefits

Sometimes, the best reason to drink coffee smoothies is simply because they have caffeine. The stimulant improves people’s mental and physical alertness, which is perfect if you need to be wide awake when morning comes around.

Like all good things, it’s still wise to regulate how much caffeine you consume daily. Too much exposure can overstimulate your body. There are also cases where regular and high consumption reduces effectiveness in the long run.

6. It makes digestion more regular

Coffee is known to trigger ‘number two’. This caffeinated blended drink also incorporates bananas and milk. People drinking it may benefit from regular bathroom breaks. Coffee also offers protection against gallstones and other similar digestive diseases.

It is best to regulate how much coffee shake to drink. If you have normal bowel movements already, you don’t want to throw your body off and start needing the toilet more often than before.

How to make a coffee smoothie

A coffee smoothie’s health benefits shine through, but one of the best perks is the simple recipe. You can quickly whip up a batch at home with common kitchen ingredients.

1. Get your ingredients

Before making a coffee smoothie, you will need the ingredients first. Here’s the list of what you need:

  • Coffee: Any coffee, whether instant or an espresso shot, can work with the smoothie recipe. Some people even freeze the caffeine in ice cubes to make the beverage cold. For this guide, you’ll want to use cold brew.
  • Milk: Like coffee, any milk can give your smoothie a creamy consistency. If you’re lactose intolerant or you want some extra nuttiness, almond milk is a fantastic option. You can also try whole or soy milk, depending on your preferences. 
  • Sweetener: Coffee is a little acidic, so it’s good to add some sweetening agents. Use honey if you want a healthier replacement for brown or white sugar. Vanilla extract also takes your drink mix up a notch. 
  • Frozen banana: Bananas are a key ingredient in thickening your coffee drink. Find a ripe bunch and use about one medium-sized one per cup. Remember to freeze the fruit to make it firmer while adding extra coldness. 
  • Nut butter: Nut butter is one of the best secrets to a well-balanced taste in your coffee smoothie. Almond butter is quite delicious, though regular peanut butter works well. You can make yours from scratch or buy from the grocery store. 
  • Cocoa powder: Cocoa is optional but, depending on how much you add, it enhances the taste of the coffee. If you prefer a more chocolate beverage, you can also turn your shake into more of a mocha mixture.

2. Create your cold brew

While you can buy cold brew for your coffee smoothie, making it at home is simple and cost-efficient. Plus, you can control the coffee’s strength. Get your favorite coffee beans and finely grind them to create a concentrate. 

Measure a fourth of a cup of coffee and a cup of water. Steep together in a pitcher and stir to combine. Cover it with a lid and keep it at room temperature overnight. Use a coffee filter and free your liquids.

3. Blend your mix

Get a blender and add your coffee concentrate. Follow it up with your frozen bananas, nut butter, milk and sweetener. Add some extra cocoa powder if you’d like. Put on the lid and blend to combine everything.

Every person may want their coffee smoothie to become more watery or viscous. If you need to thicken it up, add bananas and nut butter. Thin it out with milk as needed. If you’re losing the flavour, extra coffee and sweetener can help.

4. Pour into a glass

Instead of a mug, use a glass to hold your coffee beverage. This container is taller and can better showcase the creaminess. To make it look fancier, add a drizzle of chocolate sauce on the side. If you end up with a thicker mixture, make a coffee smoothie bowl. Spoon the cream into a wide-mouth bowl and smooth it out afterward.

5. Customise toppings

Coffee smoothies can be enjoyed as they are, but you can also add some extra toppings. Strawberries and blueberries are extra sweet and their colour will pop out against the brown cream. If you want an aesthetically pleasing picture, this combination is your best bet. You can also use extra banana slices and nuts if you just want to retain the flavour.

If you want to make the coffee smoothie into a filling breakfast, add dry oats. These grains put in extra texture to the beverage and turn it into a meal. Plus, they offer beta-glucan. The soluble fibre boosts good bacteria growth in the digestive tract.

6. Enjoy the smoothie

Once you’ve completed the coffee smoothie, you can focus on enjoying it. You can transfer the mixture into a flask if you want to drink it at work or school. However, there’s a certain charm to taking your time and enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. Just remember to make this beverage only every other day to regulate your caffeine intake.

Make the popular coffee smoothie

Drinking coffee as a smoothie can seem unfamiliar at first. However, it’s great to shake up your routine every once in a while. The beverage retains all the perks and flavour of the caffeinated beverage you know and love. Make it and find out just how delicious it is.

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