Why Did God Make People Different from Each Other?

Rich vs. poor. Israeli vs. Palestinian. Girls vs. boys. Wouldn’t the world run much more easily if people were alike?

Wrong, says Michael, age 7. God made us different from one another so “He wouldn’t be bored.” Or, to put it another way, “God likes to see different faces,” says Kallan, 7.

“The world would be so plain if everyone was the same,” says Amanda, 10. In fact, “it would be a world full of mirrors,” where “Mom might take home the wrong kid,” say Mallory, 11, and Ashley, 6.

Being different from each other is “like our ID” so “we won’t get lost,” say Alex, 8, and Kristin, 6.

OK, so God spared parents the confusion of trying to distinguish between identical kids, except in the case of twins. But what if we all wanted to do the same kind of work?

“We have to have people who want to do all sorts of things and work at different jobs,” says Leslie, 12. “Little odd jobs are very important.”

Does that include emptying the bins and making your bed?

If everyone were the same, “everyone would have the same habits and it’d be miserable,” says Alex, 10.

Can you imagine a world where everyone was a magazine or newspaper columnist? There would be no editors! Someone once said that editors have the important job of separating the wheat from the chaff and making sure the chaff gets printed.

God wanted variety, says Nicole, 9, “because it is much more fun this way and God knows that.” God wanted “to show His ability to be creative” by “making every colour,” say Andy, 12, and Perry, 10.

‘Kids Talk About God’ started when journalist Carey Kinsolving launched a worldwide contest to find a child to feature in a global mission trip. After producing Mission Explorers, Kinsolving set his sights on writing the Kids Talk About God newspaper column because he discovered kids are loaded with humour, insight, inspiration and honesty. They ask all the big questions about God that many adults think but won’t ask.

Of course, kids have answers as well, which makes for an interesting and inspirational read.

The excepts are from one of these columns:

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