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Editor’s Note: Spring Edition 2022 no. 239

by | Editor's Notes, Spring 2022

My editor’s note is inspired in this spring edition by an email questioning the inclusion of articles pertaining to life and sexuality in preference to all things ‘beautiful and enlightening’. At Odyssey we regard sexuality, intimacy and sexual energy as beautiful, vital, sacred and central to a healthful holistic and consciously engaged life.

The inspiration for launching Odyssey in 1977 was to publish a magazine, with solid journalistic integrity that supported the equality of all people, the honouring of earth and all living things and societal transformation. A magazine dedicated to ‘moving toward a new age.’ Since 1977 much has changed and much has remained the same.

In 2022 Odyssey Magazine still has maintained a traditional journalistic approach with content that counts and nourishes and is mainly concerned with the practice of providing news, reviews, columns, features and related social and wellness content, voicing certain issues that are prevalent in the holistic, conscious and green living space.

Odyssey supports engaged spirituality¹, the active engagements of our hearts and awareness in service of the higher and collective good, honouring the sacredness of our Earth Mother and all living things. It’s a deep commitment to societal transformation responding to our world’s suffering with wisdom and deep care.

This is unlike much of the pop spirituality that is promoted in countless books, audio programmes and internet sites and tends to concern itself primarily with personal betterment. Personally I am all for personal growth and betterment when it is combined with deep commitment to the collective good and an authentic personal commitment towards the wellbeing of the whole.

Traditional journalism focuses on the important stuff that is happening, not only on our planet and in our world, but outside our windows, in the lives of our people, in our communities and right here in our own hearts. That’s where Odyssey comes in.

We invite you to live kindly, gently and more consciously with Odyssey Magazine. If you would like to share what you would like to read more of – or see a little less of – in our magazine, please email me [email protected]

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Ed and the OM Team

¹The term engaged spirituality was inspired by engaged Buddhism, a concept and set of values developed by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.
Debra Robins

Debra Robins

Odyssey‘s custodian & editor

Debra Robins is a savvy and insightful corporate jungle escapee, wordsmith, author, publisher and magazine editor, Debra is passionate about upliftment through the power of the written word. Former natural healer, teacher and healing academy principal Debra blends together extensive expertise in wellness, both in the corporate and personal contexts, as well as over 25 years’ experience in driving and delivering corporate wellness initiatives for local and global corporations. Student of law and corporate consultant by trade, naturopathic practitioner by design and magazine editor by choice. Debra is honoured to be the custodian of Odyssey Magazine