Did you know? Happy People Do These 10 Things

To be honest, there is no more doubt regarding the fact that increasing positive and gratitude-filled feelings, thoughts and emotions in your mind will only positively improve the chemistry of every cell in the body. What truly works is when you change your perspective and basically the world around you becomes a different place. In the end, you respond to it differently and it will respond differently to you.
There are so many powerful, simple strategies that you can use to change the ‘inner voice’ within you in a way that will increase your energy and enthusiasm, at the same time increasing your immunity and healing from within. You need to find what works best for you, whether that is positive thinking, prayer, therapy or self-help courses, from visualisation to meditation. Find what works best for you because everyone is unique.
I believe that happiness is an inside job and that we should focus on being happy every day, especially during these uncertain times. I created the personal development brand Happy Days because it is centred around the idea that we should focus on the positive growth that comes from negative experiences in our lives. When you actually learn the art of focusing on being happy every day despite your circumstances, you will see a positive shift in your mind-set and a change of perspective on life. I want to discuss a few simple strategies I offer in my master class and private coaching sessions. 
During these uncertain, challenging times, we all need a fresh approach to tap into our inner happiness. Many of us over-think, compare ourselves to others, don’t feel good enough, constantly seek approval and feel unfulfilled because we are always striving for the next big thing, or we believe that the grass is greener on the other side, when the grass is actually greener where we choose to water it. Once we realise that we are in control of our own happiness, positive change will arise. 

1. You need to be picky about who you surround yourself with, because if you are surrounding yourself with people who constantly complain or enjoy being negative, the outcome is going to be negative. You are going to be left feeling drained and chronic complainers are usually very unhappy people. Choose to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who truly want the best for you.

2. Smile more, because it basically causes the brain to release dopamine which makes us happier in that we feel good from the inside. The next time you are feeling down, just start smiling, or every morning when you wake up, smile at yourself in the mirror. 

3. Exercise because you love your body, not to punish your body. Regular exercise helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression by boosting your self-esteem and happiness. Therefore try going for a 20-minute walk, book a Yoga session or hit the gym. Do what makes you happy.

4. Sleep more, because a sufficient amount of sleep, which should be seven to eight hours every night, basically encourages good health, brain function and emotional wellbeing. 

5. Practise gratitude daily, whether that is keeping a gratitude journal or simply reminding yourself every morning of five things in your life that you are grateful for. Start acknowledging the amazing things in your life because studies have shown that practising gratitude actually improves your overall mood and mental health. 

6. Give someone a compliment, because giving a positive, sincere compliment to someone is a really quick and easy way to brighten that person’s day while also giving your happiness a boost. 

7. Keep a journal because it is so important to write down your emotions or negative feelings or document your experiences in life so that you can release, reflect on and learn from them. Never suppress your emotions; rather learn to understand them and release them so that you can make space for positive growth and inner wisdom to develop from those experiences. 

8. Ditch your phone. Unplugging from devices and social media, especially before bed and when you wake up, can be so rewarding to your mental health. Sometimes there is so much value in spending time alone, reflecting, being present in the moment with family, meditating and being sociable. Reconnecting to yourself is so important. 

9. Spend time in nature, whether it is going for a scenic drive, a much needed camping trip, enjoying a beach day or going for a hike. This has proven to lower blood pressure levels and feelings of depression. 

10. Find a self-care routine that works for you, for example taking a relaxing bath, finding a new skin care routine, grabbing a smoothie with friends or going for a massage: Simply taking the time to do what makes you feel good inside. 

Firstly, so often in our life, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Let’s be real, we can push ourselves to finish those last few hours of work even when we feel really drained. We can apply ourselves better to a task, however our minds can constantly focus on resistance and, once you are more aware of your own thoughts, your mind does not control you and you are able to make positive changes.
Sometimes we tend to give in to self-sabotaging thoughts: We spend time with unmotivated people and we give up when it comes to a small setback. We stand in our own way because we choose to allow ourselves to encourage negative thought patterns, to not look at bad situations as growth and to give up really easily because we keep telling ourselves that we are not good enough.
Snap out of it. It is so easy to blame others for bad situations you experience in life or not achieving the goal you set out to achieve; however, you are the only one standing in your way. It is all about perception. Change that aspect in your life and watch the magic happen. I won’t say it will be easy because life throws us curve balls while we make plans; however, you need to practise resilience, determination, consistency and train your mind to see the good in each situation so that, no matter what, you continue to move forward. Adapt to the ever changing experience called life.
I know it can be hard to imagine a difficult moment in your life as a learning experience or a growth period for you but try and remember that life has seasons and it will pass and you won’t feel this way for ever. Seasons in life eventually change for brighter and happier days. Constantly remind yourself that things will get better.
Do what makes you happy because life is so precious, so try and find simple ways to tap into your inner happiness so that it can give you the strength you need to get through anything.


Kell Ward

I am Kelly Ward- Founder of KW Health (certified holistic health coach, holistic massage therapist and Yoga teacher). I am also the founder of the personal development brand ‘Happy Days’ which is about assisting you to become your most fabulous¬†self to thrive in all areas of your life. My podcast Happy Days by Kelly Ward is available exclusively on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.¬†