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Creating Mindstyles for Holistic Lifestyles

Odyssey Magazine , founded in 1977 is the foremost  and longstanding holistic lifestyle and conscious living magazine in Southern Africa. We publish four print editions annually which are also published as a digimag: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, reminding us of the flow of the seasons of life. We publish content to nourish and inspire, exploring all aspects of holistic and conscious living, personal and planetary well-being, integrative approaches of complementary healing, metaphysics, the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond.

Odyssey Magazine Print Edition

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 Mindful Media e-Books

Inspired living and learning with inspirational eBooks to nourish Body, Mind and Spirit. These eBooks facilitate a mindful and integrated approach to conscious living and the interconnectedness of all aspects of our being.

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