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World Water Day 22.2.2023:
Let’s Celebrate Our Most Valuable Resource

by | Autumn 2023, From Debra’s Desk

Xylem invites Africans to celebrate World Water Day on 22 March by showing love for the resource that gives life.

Diamonds are forever. Gold shines like the sun. But water gives life. We can find rare, shiny, and precious resources on rocks and planets across our universe. Yet to find water is rare. Our planet thrives with life because it has water. Yet only 3 percent of that water is fresh and it’s crucial we look after our water. When we respect and protect water, we respect and protect life.

On World Water Day, the annual celebration on 22 March, Xylem invites people and communities to celebrate water and look for ways to make this essential resource safer and more accessible.

As a leading provider of water solutions, Xylem wants to create a future where everyone enjoys reliable access to clean water and sanitation. We support the United Nations’ sixth sustainable development goal—water and sanitation for all by 2030—and encourage everyone to play a role in realising this goal.

“The world needs water to survive but unfortunately this resource has never been under more pressure,” says Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager for Xylem Africa. “World Water Day is a chance for us to reassess our knowledge about water and ask what we can do to help. Xylem is always looking for more ways to engage with people on the topic, encourage them to become custodians of their water and support their efforts. Every drop matters, meaning every action to help improve water also matters.”

How can we help water?

Water flows through every part of our daily lives. Whether we are fortunate to enjoy clean water flowing from a tap when brushing our teeth, collect water from a nearby source, or look after the infrastructure that supplies the needs of communities, every person can protect water and safeguard it for today and tomorrow. Even small acts matter. Here are some examples of what any of us can do:

  • Save water: don’t keep taps running while washing dishes, brushing your teeth or washing cars.
  • Don’t pollute: Avoid discarding food waste, oils, chemicals and medicines into water, such as flushing them down the toilet or drain.
  • Recycle: Reuse grey water to irrigate gardens, and capture rainwater for irrigation and outdoor cleaning.
  • Be curious: Learn how water reaches your home or workplace, and what it takes to keep those sources clean.
  • Clean up: Take part in efforts to clean local rivers, dams, wetlands and beaches.
  • Respect water life: Avoid activities that destroy water ecosystems—those creatures help purify water for reuse.
  • Fight leaks: Fix leaks and report public leaks to local authorities.
  • Say thank you: Don’t take access to water for granted—imagine what your life would be like if the taps ran dry.

Xylem (XYL) is a leading global water technology company committed to solving critical water and infrastructure challenges with innovation. Visit their site www.xylem.com.


Debra Robins

Debra Robins

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